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Dog Bite Statistics: A Year in Review

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While Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 15 – May 21) is coming to an end, it’s vitally important that pet owners, parents, and children are educated in preventing dog bites. More than 4-and-a-half million people are bitten by dogs each year in the U.S. alone – that’s one dog bite every 75-seconds!

And, very often, bites occur by known, familiar dogs inside the home or on the dog’s property, as a result of the human either not knowing, or not paying attention to, body language and warning signals from the dog.

That’s why we’re rounding out a week of dog bite prevention tips with this important infographic, Dog Bites: A Year in Review.

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  1. Avatar Of Sandy Hanson Sandy Hanson says:

    What it doesn’t tell you….how many “pit bulls” are there in the US compared to the other breeds. If there are 1 million “pit bulls” and only 9,000 German Shepherds, it would make sense that they might have a higher bite ratio.

  2. Avatar Of Pat



    Why aren’t small dog bites included?

  3. Avatar Of Frank Burleigh

    Frank Burleigh


    I believe promotes BSL, and many have effectively critiqued its methods. I’m surprised to see their slant promoted here without an acknowledgment that there is one. It would be better to do a real story on bites using the work of the CDC or some other reporting agency that’s more neutral and nuanced.

  4. Avatar Of Terry Colgan

    Terry Colgan


    How were the “pit bulls” identified? And by-the-way, what is a “pit bull.”

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