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Have you been considering having your dog bred? Many people like to breed their dogs for at least one litter of pups so they can continue to have a dog with the genes of the father or mother. This is a hobby for the dog’s owners, and they may, or may not, have the best information to be successful at this. Below are a few dog breeding tips from top professional dog breeders for first timers, and those who already have limited experience doing so.

If you stick with the following dog breeding tips closely, the process will go smoothly and the female dog will produce a fine litter of puppies.

Have the place you plan on keeping the new litter of pups ready well before the pups are born.

Pay your vet a visit and have the dog examined to see if she is healthy and ready to be bred. The vet will also provide a certificate the dog is in good health and does not have any diseases or viruses that will be passed on to the puppies.

Speak with as many professional and reputable breeders who have the same breed as your dog. Never mix breeds as there are already enough of these dogs. Have this breeder provide the appropriate health and purebred papers for the stud dog. This will be what is referred to as the “kennel club certificate”.

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