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Next you should ask the stud dog’s breeder for the health certificate of the dog you plan to breed with your female dog. This will have confirmation that the stud dog is free of any sexually transmitted diseases such as brucellosis. If the health certificate has been obviously altered in any way ask why. If you are not satisfied with the explanation avoid this breeder and look for another.

While your female is in heat never allow her off a leash while walking the dog. Keep her in a contained area when she is in your yard so the local neighborhood “Tony the Pony” does not have an opportunity to breed with your dog.

The mating should be at the home of the stud dog, and the best dates for this are the ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth day of the time she is in the heat cycle.

Visit your vet after the mating to confirm she is indeed pregnant.

By following these simple dog breeding tips and precautions, you will be able to look forward to a new litter of playful puppies in the future.

Do you have your dog bred? Please offer any tips and advice you care to share with our readers.

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