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Dog Camera’s ‘Bark Alert’ Saves Family Dog from Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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For many of us, a dog camera is a fun way to check in on and interact with our pups while we’re away from home. For others, it’s a lifesaver.

Dog Camera

As dog lovers and fur-parents, there’s nothing worse than the anxiety of having to leave our precious pups at home—whether we’re headed out for a long work day or just out to dinner for the evening. Which is why self-proclaimed “dog momager,” Triniti, turned to Furbo Dog Camera to stay connected with her 2-year-old pup Ruger while away from home.

Dog Camera
I mean, how could you not fall in love with this face?

Triniti considers Ruger her best friend. She found him on a pet adoption website a year and a half ago and instantly fell in love when she saw his photo. Although he was a state away, she couldn’t stop thinking about him. A month after discovering him, he hadn’t been adopted yet, so she made the trip.

Triniti uses Furbo daily to check in on Ruger when she’s at work. “He’s usually just sleeping, but it gives me a lot of peace of mind to be able to check in on him. Ruger forgets Furbo is there until I talk to him or toss him a treat through the app, then he obsesses over it for hours.”

So, what does Ruger like to do when she’s not at home? “Sleep. He’s just a sleepy dog!”

One evening while out to dinner, however, Triniti received a barking alert from Furbo—one that she rarely receives—letting her know that Ruger was barking. “Ruger never barks, so we were a little worried,” Triniti said. Logging into the Furbo app, she immediately saw, or rather heard, the source of Ruger’s alarm.

Dog Camera

“Everything looked normal through the Furbo camera, but we could hear the carbon monoxide alarm screeching in the house.” As any dog mom would, Triniti and her boyfriend left the restaurant and sped home to check on Ruger, calling the fire department on the way.

“We beat the fire department home and got Ruger out of the house,” said Triniti. “When help arrived, they found the leak and took care of the problem. The crazy thing was, I had been feeling sick for a week and couldn’t figure out why. I’m relieved Furbo’s barking alerts helped us get Ruger out of a dangerous situation, we had no idea Furbo would end up saving Ruger’s life!”

Triniti caught this sweet photo of Ruger and his dad napping one day while she away from home:

Dog Camera

Furbo is the world’s first treat-tossing camera designed just for dogs. It lets you see, talk and toss treats to your dog when you’re not home, giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Launched in 2016, Furbo Dog Camera is the best-selling dog camera on Amazon in five countries.

Do you use a pet camera in your home, too? Triniti and Ruger’s story is just one of many stories of pets (and their people) being alerted to potential problems while they’re away from home. (My own camera captured a burglar inside my home, sent an activity detection alert to my smartphone, and began recording high definition video that led to his arrest and conviction!).

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