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Dog Catches Home Run Ball and Surprises Fans At MLB Game

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A service dog catches the home run ball during a Major League Baseball (MLB) spring training game in Arizona on March 25.

Spectators and fans alike scrambled for a chance to catch the home run ball at Saturday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Kansas City Royals. But only one friend, a furry one at that, came out triumphant.

According to MLB, Michael Busch, Dodgers prospect, hit and sent the home run ball over the fence in the seventh inning, earning the game’s first home run.

And the supawstar, a service dog named Dodger, saw an opportunity to show off his fetching skills and caught the home run ball.


“Did the dog catch that? Yeah, how ’bout that! The dog, K-9, got the home run ball,” the announcer said.

Spectators and fans were seen cheering and clapping for Dodger after witnessing what was considered the highlight of the game.

The good boy refused to let go of his little souvenir until ultimately handing it over to his owner, a fan wearing a Dodgers K-9 jersey.

Talking to Fox 11, Dodger’s owner playfully said, “Now, I guess people are calling him the official mascot of Spring Training.”

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