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Dog-Centric Career Ideas and How to Pick the Paw-Fect One

There’s a reason why dogs are often called “man’s best friend.” The bond between dog owners and their furry friends is truly unmatched. Thus, dog owners are often very passionate about their love for animals and the joy of seeing a wagging tail and hearing an excited bark. 

Though many dog lovers may consider becoming a veterinarian at some point in their lives, there are actually many other career and side hustle options for those passionate about canines. Pet-related spending is a huge market in the U.S., as Americans spent over $95 billion on their animals in 2019 — yeah, fur real. 

And people are capitalizing on the trend. With the advent of technology, artsy jobs like blogging, photography and social media managing have sprung up, allowing dog lovers to celebrate their love of animals with the push of a button or the click of a shutter. (For example, did you know that dog Instagram accounts can earn $15,000 for a single post?) 

For those who are more obedience minded, teaching dogs how to “sit!” and “stay!” can be a lucrative career choice. Or, you can opt for the fun side of things and start making custom dog toys and treats.

At the end of the day, you can combine your love for dogs with another one of your hobbies to find your perfect niche. If you are interested in baking or cooking and love your furry friends, a gourmet dog food and treats service could be right for you. If you’re passionate about taking care of dogs and have a yard to spare, you could start up a doggy day care to be surrounded by your puppy pals all day long. 

For more fun insight on the world of pet-centric business ideas, check out the following infographic from small business insurance provider Thimble.

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