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Dog Desperately Chased After Owners That Abandoned Him

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Cellphone Camera Captured This Photo Of The Truck Speeding Away With The Dog Chasing Desperately Behind. Via Lorie Hollis.
Cellphone camera captured this photo of the truck speeding away with the dog chasing desperately behind. Via Lorie Hollis.

Cellphone photo captured a dog desperately chasing after the heartless owners that abandoned him at a Slidell, Louisiana gas station yesterday. Now, the Louisiana Humane Society is offering a $350 reward for information leading to an arrest of the 2 men that dumped the loyal dog, or for anyone that can help to rescue the poor dog.

Lorie Hollis, the dog lover that watched the event unfold and captured the incriminating photo said in a statement from the Humane Society, “The first man told the dog to: ‘Go! Go over there!’ The man in the back of the pick-up proceeded to pull up the tail-gate of the truck. Appearing confused, the dog jumped up and put his paws on top of the tail-gate. The truck sped away, leaving the dog behind.”

When the truck sped away, the loyal dog chased after it, even crossing two lanes of traffic to keep up while the truck continued driving. Hollis immediately jumped in her car and followed as best she could.

Heartbroken, Hollis wasn’t able to keep up with the truck and lost sight of the dog after following for several desperate miles. The dog is described as a black shepherd mix with a small patch of brown under it’s neck.

The truck is described as an older model blue and white pickup driven by two men, one elderly.


Local animal control, volunteers, and the Humane Society of keeping a watchful eye in the area in hopes of finding the dog safe.

“Unfortunately, we routinely receive these type of reports, where a dogs are dumped from a car or truck and left to fend for themselves along highways or back country roads,” said Jeff Dorson with the Humane Society. “As we know all too well, people can be cruel and heartless. If people feel they can no longer care for a pet, all they have to do is surrender him or her to a nearby rescue group or shelter, rather than abandon the poor animal at some random location, where their chances of survival are almost zero. This is truly a cowardly act and a punishable offense.”

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  1. Avatar Of Donna Donna says:

    Yeah and if you buy that story, I have a plot of land in Arizona with an ocean view to sell you!

    What utter balderdash: Driving to the gas station just to drop off the dog so he can chase the truck home? Is anyone really dumb enough to believe that anyone is dumb enough to believe that LIE?

    The ‘owner’ should be slapped with a heavy fine for causing mental anguish to an animal and endangerment!

  2. Avatar Of Joanne



    Where is the precious baby at now? I pray he is not still running the streets.

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