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Dog Dies After Being Mauled At A Dallas Pet Boarding Facility

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A six-year old brindle Terrier mix named Drake dies after being fatally mauled by another larger dog at Smart Dog Dallas on Sunday, April 16.

And now, Drake’s owner, Heather Heflin, is speaking out about her dog’s tragic death. In a Facebook post on Monday, Heflin said her dog was mauled to death before 4PM on Sunday.

Heflin continued saying, “My dog was brutally attacked and left to die. No attempt to contact any emergency vet, despite me filling out paperwork advising no max dollar amount on emergency care.”

The boarding facility was also exposed by Heflin to have no cameras in their yard and for not separating small dogs from big dogs.

Speaking to WFAA, Heflin said, “They told me he was in an enclosed area, that they don’t know what happened, but that a boxer was there with him and attacked him.”

Heflin left Drake in the boarding facility on Thursday to go to New York for a bachelorette party, WFAA reports.

Furthermore, Heflin reveals that this was her dog’s first time at a boarding facility. “The one time he stays at a boarding facility, he gets brutally killed in the worst death imaginable,” said Heflin.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Smart Dog Dallas said the “unforeseeable incident” was tragically the first time a dog died in their 11 years of business, and offered their deepest condolences to Drake’s family.

However, Heflin revealed that the boarding facility has blocked her from leaving comments on their Facebook posts and is not responding to any of her questions.

She told Dallas News, “I’m going to continue to do everything in my power to get all of the information relating to Drake’s death to prevent it from happening to other dogs and owners in the future.”

Heflin revealed she and her family buried Drake on their family farm. “Drake was my baby, my sisters’ nephew, and my parents’ only grandkid (grandpup). All this to say, he is irreplaceable and nothing will fill the hole in our heart from losing him,” Heflin wrote.

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  1. Avatar Of Marguerite Feldmann

    Marguerite Feldmann


    Not having cameras in the yard AND a person present is inexcusable. And the total lack of caring to not even get him medical care immediately and leaving him alone to die is horrific negligence… and says it all! They need to never have another animal in their care, even a mouse!!!

  2. Avatar Of Susan



    This is heart breaking, such a terrible death. I would contact an attorney. They will get the information you want and advise you what to do so this never happens again. This facility needs to be held accountable.

  3. Avatar Of Gma



    So sorry for your loss. I totally understand your grief. Report to Animal Control officials for investigation. Whatever dog attacked and killed your dog should be quaranteened and all records provided and owners need to step up. Facility should be willing to provide whatever info is asked for.

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