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Dog Dumped on Dallas Road Gets the Last Laugh in Adorable New Adoption Photo

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With a big smile and a wink at the camera, the sweet dog dumped on a Dallas roadside by her former owner got the last laugh in an adorable new adoption photo – while her former owner faces cruelty charges.

Dog Dumped
Image: SPCA of Texas

On August 4, streetside surveillance cameras installed in southern Dallas captured a man pull to the side of the road, open the rear door of his car, and drag a 1-year old mixed breed pup out of the backseat before driving away, leaving her there alone.

Two days later, Dallas Animal Services found and rescued the dog who had become tangled in branches and the leash still around her neck, facing certain death had she not been located. The dog was transferred to the SPCA of Texas and an investigation into her abandonment was launched.

Investigators tracked down George Spears, 52, who admitted to dumping the dog, claiming she belonged to his sister who was no longer able to care for her. The SPCA filed an arrest warrant, and Spears turned himself into authorities on September 11, more than a month after abandoning the dog. He faces one charge of animal cruelty.

But, just two days before his arrest, the sweet little dog he’d dumped on that Dallas roadside had been adopted.

Despite her ordeal and a mandatory hold during the investigation, KD, as she’s now named, got her happy ending. She was adopted by Zachary San Roman and his girlfriend Reagan Henderson, both 22-year-old students that are totally smitten with their new furry family member – and it looks like the feeling is mutual!

In their official adoption photo, KD turned to the camera, a huge smile on her face, and gave a wink as if to say, “life is good!”

The SPCA hopes KD’s story serves as a reminder that abandonment is never an appropriate course of action, urging “people who feel like they have no other option and don’t know what to do with their pet to remember that there are other options. You can try re-homing, reaching out to friends and family, or contacting your local shelter for help.”

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