Dog Eats Owner’s Passport A Week Before Wedding In Italy

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You’ve heard of “My dog ate my homework” as an excuse, but have you ever heard of “My dog ate my passport”? Unfortunately, that is what one couple from Massachusetts experienced a week before their dream wedding in Italy.

CBS News reports that the couple, Donato Frattaroli and fiancée Magda Mazri, went to run some errands, including picking up their intention of marriage documents from the city hall on August 17, Thursday.

While the couple was out and about, their cheeky (pun intended) one-and-a-half Golden Retriever named Chickie chewed on and ripped pages from Frattaroli’s passport.

Groom-to-be Frattaroli told Inside Edition, “I looked at the dog bed, and saw my passport where it shouldn’t have been. I completely freaked out.”

Talking to CBS News, Mazri recalled, “I picked it up there were a couple of teeth marks, but it didn’t seem to be really damaged,”

“Then we opened it up and all the personal information came out. Then we looked at the floor and it’s all scattered around. Chickie, definitely did some serious damage,” Mazri continued.

And the timing couldn’t be worse, as the couple were scheduled to get married in Italy on August 31.

While Frattaroli is obviously stressed, he shared with WCVB on August 19, Saturday, “Luckily, Congressman (Stephen) Lynch’s office and Sen. (Ed) Markey’s office have been super responsive. They’ve been in touch, at least with me and the State Department, to try to expedite things and get a new passport. Keep my fingers crossed and, hopefully, everything will work itself out.”

The couple previously shared that if Frattaroli doesn’t get his expedited passport before their flight on Friday, August 25, then Mazri and all of their wedding guests will travel to Italy without him.

But thankfully, new reports said that Frattaroli’s passport came in by Wednesday, August 23 and the wedding will happen as scheduled.

As for the cheeky Chickie, she is reportedly staying with friends in Boston and hopefully, won’t chew on more any more passports while her hoomans are away.

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