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Clever Dog Hoards Cash to Buy Herself Dog Treats

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One clever girl learned early on that money could be used to her advantage, so the smart dog hoards cash and uses it to buy herself treats!

Dog Hoards Cash

Casi Cook describes her 5-year old black Labrador, Holly, as “sneaky and smart.” As a young pup, Holly would snatch cash from the family and run off with it. To get the cash back, they’d swap dollar bills for treats. It wasn’t long before Holly learned that a bill bought her a cookie and began hoarding dollars, producing them when she wanted a snack.

Clever Dog Hoards Cash To Buy Herself Dog Treats The Dogington Post

“She’ll come up to me and ask for a treat and I’ll say, ‘OK but you have to give me a dollar’ and she’ll run, get the money and give it to me,” Cook told ABC News. “Or we’ll be eating dinner and about to finish and she’ll come over and drop a dollar in my lap as a way of letting me know she’d like her cookie now.”

Although the family keeps cash around just for Holly, the clever dog has also learned to recognize the sound of her human counting her restaurant tips at the end of each day. She comes running for her payout, swipes bills off the counters, and steals from bags and purses.

She then saves up the bills and turns one in each time she’s ready for a treat. That’s one smart cookie!

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