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Dog Food Brands Share Manufacturing Facilities

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Dog owners select a certain brand of dog food with the belief that the product has been scientifically developed specifically by their brand of choice. Well, it has, but dog food recalls hit the news lately and it wasn’t limited to only one or two dog foods. Why were so many different dog food brands bad?  It turns out that dog food, although having different brands, share manufacturing facilities. Thus, if one brand of dog food is contaminated, it’s easy to see how the other brands made in the same facility can be contaminated as well. Whether you buy dog food online or at a local store it’s likely you’re brand is manufactured in the same facility as other brands. Here are 67 dog food brands and the manufacturers who produce them, courtesy of Truth About Pet Food.

“It is common in pet food to use ‘co-packers.’ As an example, ABC Pet Food is a pet food company but they do not have their own manufacturing facility. Instead, ABC Pet Food provides their own exclusive recipes to XYZ Pets, a pet food co-packer. XYZ Pets manufactures ABC’s pet food along with several other brands. The following list is manufacturers along with the pet foods they produce.

Bold font represents the pet food manufacturer; products listed below are pet foods made by that manufacturer. Please note that this information can change quickly, any pet food can change manufacturers without notice, courtesy of Truth About Pet Food.

Blue Buffalo (some varieties dry)
Rachael Ray

American Nutrition
Mulligan Stew can
Natural Balance can
Wellness can

Berwind Corp WellPet
Holistic Select

CJ Foods
Blue Buffalo (some varieties dry)
Castor Pollux dry* (recently purchased by Merrick Pet Food—it is not known when or if they will move manufacturing to the Merrick facilities)
Drs Foster & Smith
Nature’s Variety dry

Diamond Pet Food (numerous plants)
Canidae* (recently purchased their own manufacturing plant—it is not known when they will or if they will move all manufacturing to their own plant)
Chicken Soup
Country Value
Diamond Naturals
Natural Balance dry
Nature’s Domain
Premium Edge
Solid Gold
Taste of the Wild
Wellness (one variety)

Elmira Pet Products Ltd
Happy Paws
Happy Tails
K9 Premium
Sigma 7
Petcurean dry

By Nature can
Canidae can
Evangers can

KLN Enterprises (Tuffy’s Pet Foods)
Natural Planet Organics
Pet Time
Pure Vita

Mars Petcare (numerous plants)
Ol Roy dry
Royal Canin

Chef Michael
Pet Promise

Procter & Gamble (numerous plants)
California Naturals

Blue Buffalo can
Canidae can
Castor Pollux Can
Life’s Abundance Can
Nature’s Logic Can
Ol’ Roy Can
Dogswell can
Evolve can
Petcurean can
Nature’s Variety can

Look at this list and then read the Dogington Post RECALL ALERTS  and you’ll start to see the pattern of recalled dog food brands and the shared manufacturing facility. If you don’t see your choice of dog food on the list above, you check Truth about Pet Food. The site provides an up-to-date list of dog food brands and manufacturing facilities. Also, to learn more about buying dog food online, read these stories, published previously here on Dogington Post:  The Cheapest Place To Buy Dog Food Online or The Best Place To Buy Dog Food Online or Finding Good Advice For A Healthy Diet Dog Food.

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    unwanted dogs off the street and show them what is a loving home. I currently have
    16 dogs and welcome any kind of Donation and I can provide a letter from the State
    of Florida and I have a EIN. Again you can reach me at the email address: [email protected]
    Thank you and my doggies thank you

  2. Avatar Of Bcsan111 bcsan111 says:

    Can anyone tell me who manufactures Zignature Trout & Salmon Limited Ingredient can dog food and also the dry food?

  3. Hello,

    I am trying to collect donations for an Animal rescue in Bloomfield Ky. Our goal is to bring all the animals off the streets and from the kill shelters in our community and surrounding communities. All proceeds we earn goes to the care of the animals we save. We are collecting donations for a raffle and auction that we will be having at our benefit car show/dinner. Any donations we receive is greatly appreciated.

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  4. Avatar Of Bkv



    Bladder stones are caused by minerals. Hard water, too much calcium, phosphorous or magnesium. If you live in an area that has unusually hard water, you or your animals have a potential for bladder/kidney stones.

  5. Avatar Of Cjc



    Zignature Dog Foods are also produced at the Tuffy’s Pet Food plants if you want to update your listings.

  6. Avatar Of R P Miller

    R P Miller


    we have a 16 yr. old Shi-tzu who has been on Hills perscription Diet W D caned food all his life and wound up with bladder stones caused by the food.
    how does this food rate with others

    • Avatar Of Anonymous



      Science diet has very high meat quality. Their ideal balance line is very high quality. Science diet only uses tyson chicken in their foods. While their regularr line may have undesireable ingredients such as corn and wheat…they should be considered a high qualty food with their ideal balance line. As far as your dog getting bladder stones caused by food…your dog probably would’ve gotten bladder stones no matter what food he was eating

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