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Dog Found Caged Along Hiking Trail with Strange Note to Whomever Finds Him

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San Diego Animal Services are looking for the owner of a dog found caged near a hiking trail along with a peculiar note for whomever finds him there.

Dog Found Caged

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services is looking for the owner of a Mastiff found locked in a crate and left on a Lakeside hiking trail.

Despite people in the area hearing barking on Monday, Animal Service was not contacted until Wednesday. When they arrived, workers found the dog alone in a crate with food and water bowls. A note attached to the crate read, “This dog is being checked on several times a day. He is only here out of pure necessity and it is temporary. Please leave him be. He will have a great home after this.”

Animal Control officers seized the dog and are caring for him until September 16. If an owner does not step forward, he may be made available for adoption.

Although the dog is currently showing signs of aggression, shelter staff hope he becomes more comfortable in the coming days.

If an owner steps forward, an investigation will be conducted and possible charges filed before the dog is released.

Anyone with information about the dog or his owners is urged to contact San Diego County Department of Animal Services.

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