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Dog Found Chained In Syria Now Lives A Happy Life In Scotland

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Image from Grampian Online

The two-year-old husky, Ghost, was found mistreated and shackled to a wall in Syria. Now, he is living a happy life in Gamrie in a two-acre field where he can run and play

A Scottish local named Rob Wood, found Ghost as a puppy in the eastern Syrian city of Al Hasakah. He was chained to the wall and ready to be sent to a zoo in an attempt to pass him off as a wolf. 

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Image from Grampian Online

“He was in a tiny cage, where he was treated horrendously, set to go to a petting zoo. When I saw him I decided I couldn’t leave him, I just couldn’t do it. So when we took the compound, we worked a deal with the owner that meant we kept Ghost. Then the year-long process of getting him back home began,” says Rob.

Image from Grampian Online

He had to travel through Iraq, Lebanon, France, and Wales before getting to Scotland. According to Rob, it was an expensive and harrowing process to rescue Ghost, but seeing him be free was extremely rewarding.

Rob and his wife Karen wanted to express their gratitude to the charity War Paws and Many Tears Animal Rescue for helping them get Ghost to Gamrie. Check out and for more information about their work.

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