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21 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy for Life

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A happy dog is a friendly and more lovable member of your family, so here are 21 ways to make your dog happy. And we all want our dogs to be happy!

21 Ways to Make Your Dog Happy

1)  Go for a ride in the car together. Dogs love to put their head out the window and take in all the scenery and smells.

2)  Treat your best friend for fleas. This can be done in several ways so speak to your vet about the best method for your breed of dog.

3)  One of the best of the 21 ways to make your dog happy is taking him or her to a groomer for a bit of the personal touch. Your dog will feel great and so will you.

4)  Exercise and play with your dog. You will both feel better.

5)  Keep fresh water available for your dog so he has good clean water when thirsty. Change the water daily.

6)  Take a daily walk together. You will both feel better and healthier.

7)  One of my favorite ways I keep my dogs happy is to go to the local park and play Frisbee with them. They love it and we all get plenty of exercise.

8)  Speak with your vet about how to properly clean your dog’s ears clean. This will prevent ear mites and infections as well as ensure he does not suffer from hearing loss.

9) While you’re thinking about the vet, make sure you have scheduled regular checkups for Fido every 6 months. As explained in an article on the MyFoxTampaBay.com website:

Yearly checkups seem to have gone the way of 8-tracks and cassette tapes. Visiting the veterinarian at least twice a year ensures long-term health and well-being for your dog.

10)  Another of the great 21 ways to make your dog happy is giving him a treat. This can be for obeying commands to just for being good. I give my dogs a treat before bedtime and they never let me forget this treat time!

11)  Do all you can to insure his safety. This can be with an identification tag snapped on his collar, a microchip for locating him if he became lost or is stolen.

12)  Take your dog swimming. This is a wonderful exercise for all dogs, especially older dogs suffering from stiff joints and arthritis.

13)  Take pictures of him and make a photo album (this will keep YOU happy!).

14)  Keep him out of hot weather. Provide shade for outside dogs.

15)  Always see to his health with regular visits to you vet. He will live longer, be healthier, and be a happier dog.

16)  Give your dog a bath using a gentle shampoo that soothes his skin and fur.

17)  Always be gentle with him even when he does a no-no. No hitting allowed!

18)  Spend time talking to your dog. He is not going to understand what you are saying but he will be happy you and he are “talking” together.

19)  Teach him a new trick he can show friends and family.

20)  No table scraps. It is detrimental to his health.

21)  Always include his favorite blanket when you go on a trip.

There are lots more ways than just these 21 ways to make your dog happy!

You can no doubt add a few ideas below. Also feel free to share or tweet this article to friends below.

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  1. Avatar Of Mason



    Thank you for the good insight I was reading up for ideas to make hopefully my new puppy Banks a happy proud dog

  2. Avatar Of Nicholas Jakes

    Nicholas Jakes


    These are wonderful ideas! Thank you for the article.

  3. Avatar Of Andre2



    I love my dog so much!

  4. Avatar Of Lisa Smith Lisa Smith says:

    Those are great ideas!! We have a puppy pool for the hot summer days, love filling KONGs and making DIY treats, sniffing for treats in the yard and changing up our walking routine I’m a raw feeder and feed raw meaty bones such as chicken leg quarters – they’re a great workout for the pups’ jaws, keep their pearlies healthy, and burn some energy. They’re pretty relaxed after polishing them off

  5. Good tips !! Love this! I've never heard of this but am excited to research it and buy one for my dog that has hip problems. He's spunky in the morning, but by evening, I carry him upstairs for bed. Our walks may be easier for him in the harness. Thanks!

  6. Avatar Of John Lang

    John Lang


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  7. Avatar Of Brain. Gopep brain. gopep says:

    I like this post.. I think I will have to point to it from my blog, Nice one

  8. Avatar Of Leah



    good tips i own 2 dogs and i am 11 years old :3

  9. Avatar Of Alyssa Shaw Alyssa Shaw says:

    I play with my dogs every day i reccomend keeping fresh cold clean water out daily i put ice cubes in them. i also think taking them for a nice swim

  10. Avatar Of Sue Perlman



    I make my two Mini Dachshunds food and treats. That way I know EXACTLY what they are eating. I use chicken, chicken liver and gizzards, steak, leanest ground beef, ground turkey, sometimes turkey bacon, and very lean pork. I make sure to get out as much fat as possible.
    I also cut up fresh veggies: they love sugar snap peas, carrots, crunchy lettuce, salad greens uncooked. They love cooked sweet potato, black beans, kidney beans and garbonzo beans. I cook brown rice and mix half meat, half brown rice and a fresh veggie on top. Mix and serve. WALA!!!!! Happy, healthy dogs. I also make healthy treats from many recipes on-line. I also give them a small dish of dry Rachel Ray’s dog food. But they like Mom’ food above anything else.

  11. Avatar Of Micheles



    Monthly heartworm treatment!

  12. Avatar Of Janed



    Good tips to remember! I would add one point that is something I recently learned, and that is to read your dog food labels and make sure you are not feeding him anything that is by-products or fillers. Because I was and I felt so bad, but now I feed him Natural Balance so he’s only eating whole, healthy foods.

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