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Missing Dog Found Wrapped In Duct Tape Gets Rescued And Reunited With Owner

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A missing dog found wrapped in duct tape in a dumpster gets rescued by the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) on Monday, April 15.

The Nebraska Humane Society shared that on the morning of April 15, staff at an accounting firm reported finding a small dog in the dumpster behind their building.

“An employee had heard what she thought was a raccoon in the dumpster the night before, but it was dark and she wasn’t comfortable checking. This morning, staff was shocked to find a dog, and even more distressed by the condition he was in,” Nebraska Humane Society wrote.

The animal shelter reveals that the “condition” the dog was in is that his entire head was wrapped in duct tape. Not only that, but “his front legs and back legs were taped together as well, and there was tape wrapped around his tail.”

On top of being duct taped, the poor pooch was also found with food and other debris in his fur.

One of the staff members who discovered the pooch, Kevin Wiederin, said, “I have never seen anything like it.”

Wiederin further recalled the encounter to KETV and said, “The entire muzzle was taped, and then there was tape covering up the eyes and it was just sitting there and its front and back paws were taped together also.”

“I can’t imagine doing that to another living being, let alone a helpless little dog and then just throwing it away like trash,” Wiederin continued.

Luckily, the dog, identified as Leo by his microchip ID, was rushed to the animal shelter. NHS staff sedated him, removed the tape, and shaved him in order to clean him off of all the gunk and debris.

NHS reveals that aside from some mild skin irritation, Leo is healthy and “seemed to be in good spirits despite his condition”.

Leo’s owner, Erin Dillon-Pasillas, was identified thanks to the pooch’s microchip. The microchip company reach out to Dillon-Pasillas and as it turns out, she had reported Leo missing on April 11, after she believes he slipped out while she was taking her son to school.

Dillon-Pasillas told KETV, “Every day got more stressful, so Friday hit and, you know, I assumed, like, somebody would hear you would hear something and it was just crickets.”

NHS said the owner was incredibly emotional after finding out what Leo has gone through. She said, “He’s the sweetest dog! I don’t know why anyone would do this.”

NHS Director of Field Operations, Ronald Schlabs calls what happened to Leo a crime. He told KETV, “There’s no reason to tape a dog’s legs and head and throw it into a dumpster. The intent, obviously, was to kill the dog.”

Furthermore, the animal shelter reveals that there were no cameras in the dumpster area.

Now, NHS is asking anyone with information about Leo’s case to contact Animal Control l at 402-444-7800 ext 1. And they are offering a $1000 reward to anyone who has information that will lead to an arrest.

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  1. Avatar Of Louise Laukhuff

    Louise Laukhuff


    The older I live, the less I like the human race. Who would do such a thing?? You are right, there are always repercussions to bad acts . Sooner or later there will be on oops! moment!!

  2. Avatar Of Karen Colclasure

    Karen Colclasure


    I cried when I read this story! No animal deserves
    this. I hope whoever did this is caught n
    punished severely. Thank God that he was found
    before it was too late.

  3. Avatar Of Pamela Ihle

    Pamela Ihle


    This was a horrendous act of cruelty and for what reason? I thank God they found the poor baby before it was too late.

  4. Avatar Of Joe



    Karma is a bitch,and coming for u.

  5. Avatar Of Carmina Price

    Carmina Price


    I would cheerfully do the same if I ever found out who would do this to my precious family member.

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