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Dog Hero Saves 81-Year Old Owner’s Life

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An 81-year old dog owner may owe his life to his loyal Lhasa Apso after the 7-year old lap dog went above and beyond to save his human.

Derek Ramsden, his wife Ada, 71, and their two dogs – 7-year old Lhasa Apso, Toby, and 18-year old Staffie mix, Bruno – were vacationing in Wales when Derek took his two dogs for a walk through the Bryowen Holiday Park. Walking along a ridge, Ramsden slipped and fell into a thick layer of mud and began to sink.

Park maintenance crews reported that, due to rain, the ground was slick and slippery. When Ramsden fell, he immediately became trapped in the thick mud, unable to pull himself out.

The Telegraph reported,

While Bruno simply walked away Toby ran for a quarter of a mile to alert security staff at the Bryowen Holiday Park in Borth, Aberystwyth to his owner’s plight.

Ramsden told reporters, “Toby had barked anxiously at the staff. They must have known there was a problem and followed him back to me.” This act of heroism surprised Toby’s owner. On the way into the park, Toby didn’t greet security too kindly, barking at them as they passed. But, when his owner needed help, Toby knew exactly what he was doing. The four-legged hero ran quickly, past apartments and through bushes, straight to the security station to get help.

Now, Derek credits Toby with saving his life. “He’s my very own Lassie. He saved my life and I’m very grateful,” said Ramsden.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Ira Ashbay ira ashbay says:

    that is what i call mans best friend that will not turn his back on you very proude of that baby that is what you call a famiely member

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