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Dog in Scotland Rescues Himself By Digging His Way Out Of A Hole

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A dog that went missing at Seaton Park in Aberdeen, Scotland on May 18 dug his way out of a hole after being trapped underground for three days.

The 5-year-old Cavapoo named Bear went missing after owner Dasha Samatoina and him went to visit friends in Aberdeen.

Samatoina and Bear were walking at Seaton Park with a friend’s dog, Lola. And Samatoina assumed that Bear, along with Lola, went down a foxhole. But he was unable to get out of it due to his size.

As per BBC, Samatoina, along with locals, the fire brigade and businesses, tried their best to search for Bear immediately.

Fubar News, a news outlet in Scotland, has posted about Bear’s disappearance on Facebook and has helped appeal for equipment to find the Cavapoo that was stuck in a foxhole.

After days of searching, Samatoina and Bear’s search party was advised to let Lola guide them to Bear’s location, especially since she went down the foxhole with the Cavapoo.

And, lo and behold, Lola led them to an area in the park where she could hear Bear’s voice. Speaking to BBC, Samatoina said, “She [Lola] led us to one of the holes on a site we had not properly looked at and she was very persistent to go down the hole.”

Samatoina called her furry friend’s name until he was able to dig his way out of the surface. She said “I think he was a few feet down because his bark was quite muffled.” She continued saying, “But I could feel he was digging under the ground – I was just hoping he was going the right way.”

Samatoina recalled the experience saying she was “hysterical and crying” after seeing her dog again. “The thought of him being down there in the cold and dark terrified me,” she said.

Bear was immediately brought to the vet and was treated for the injuries he got from the incident.

Aside from dehydration, the scratches to his nose, and the sand in his eyes, he is doing “fine”, according to Samatoina.

“The vets were shocked that he was fine,” she added.

After Bear’s rescue, Samatoina thanked a lot of people from Aberdeen for their expertise, advice, and support during the search for Bear. She said, “Honestly without everyone’s help he [Bear] would never have been found & reunited alive with me.”

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