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Dog Owner Issued $150 Fine for Leaving Dog in 120-Degree Hot Car

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A Massachusetts dog owner was fined $150 after leaving her dog locked inside a hot car for more than 40-minutes while temperatures inside reached up to 120-degrees.

Hot Car

It’s an act that’s become far too common in the scorching heat of summer. Despite repeated warnings, pet owners continue to leave dogs locked in hot cars where they can very quickly succumb to heat exhaustion, stroke, and eventually death.

Such was the case on Wednesday afternoon when, around 1:00pm, Auburn, Massachusetts Police were called to the Auburn Shopping Plaza to rescue a distressed dog trapped inside a parked vehicle.

Unable to locate the dog’s owner inside the plaza, police called Animal Control to the scene.

“When I arrived on scene, the dog, ‘Chloe,’ was in the backseat of the car panting heavily and breathing rapidly, which are signs of overheating in dogs,” Auburn Animal Control Officer Aimee Contois told CBS.

There was a bowl with about an inch of water located on the floor of the front passenger side of the vehicle, but Chloe’s rope leash was wrapped around the seatbelt, preventing her from accessing the water.

The vehicle was unlocked, so police eventually opened the door and rescued the Shepherd-mix. After 40-minutes of shopping while her dog was unattended in the car, Chloe’s owner Nancy Willard finally returned.

She was issued a citation and a $150 fine.

Do you believe a $150 fine is adequate to prevent dog owners from leaving dogs trapped in hot cars? Weigh in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Carol



    No I don't think they were harsh enough. They should have made it alot more.They should have takin the dog to a shelter where it would be safe.

  2. Avatar Of Venita Axley

    Venita Axley


    $150 is not large enough fine. She should have a larger fine plus jail time plus lose her dog. She does not deserve to have the dog if she cannot appreciate it better than to leave it in a hot car while she shops! And the saddest part of all this is a water bowl that the poor dog could not get to. What a shame. Thankfully she did leave the car door open. I urge our politicians to push for larger fines and more punishment as it relates to leaving animals in hot cars.

  3. Avatar Of Anna



    she should have gotten a bigger fine than just 150.00!!!! Imagine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put her in jail, without food and water, and no fan and see how she would like it ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. She should have a larger fine plus jail time

  5. Avatar Of Christine



    If you are irresponsible enough to leave you dog in a hot car you don't deserve to have it. The dog should be removed from the owner and found a better home.

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