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Dog Pack is the Cause of 25-yr Old Murder Case

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A woman is thankful that police and the FBI finally concluded that a Dog Pack Caused Death 25 Years Ago of her 6-year-old son. The North Carolina police and FBI officers’ investigation eventually led to the conclusion that it was a group of canines, not the boy’s mother, who was responsible for the brutal murder. Here is an article from the NY Daily News, showing the findings that a Dog Pack Caused Death 25 Years Ago.

 The mysterious death of a 6-year-old North Carolina boy found lifeless in a wooded ravine nearly 25 years ago was the result of a vicious dog attack – not homicide as originally believed, authorities said Thursday.

The surprise reversal has cleared the boy’s mother of suspicion in the brutal, once-baffling case after investigators named her as a person of interest.

Mom Elizabeth Watkins had lived under a dark cloud for decades and suffered bitter fractures in her family due to unanswered questions about son Nicholas Loris’ death, her lawyer told the Daily News.

“She’s extremely relieved and grateful to be exonerated and cleared of suspicion, but it’s still very sad for her to relieve this tragedy and learn the details of how he died,” lawyer David Freedman told The News.

He said Watkins met with Forsyth County Sheriff’s officials and FBI experts Thursday morning and learned that a pack of dogs attacked her son as he walked the family’s pet collie in February 1987.

His small body was recovered not far from his mother’s mobile home in Winston-Salem.

“The collie was in heat, and they believe that attracted a group of medium-sized dogs,” Freedman told The News. “The forensic evidence shows that something grabbed his hood, and the collar part (of the sweatshirt) came up and suffocated him.”

Freedman said experts used new technology to enhance photographs of the boy’s injuries and compare his ligature marks to the clothing he was wearing.

Scratches on his body were also found to be consistent with dog scratches, the lawyer said.

The boy’s mom is hopeful that the new ruling will help mend her relationship with an older son.

“Nicholas had a brother who she’s been estranged from Elizabeth for 24 years,” Freedman told The News. “She’s hopeful the investigation has not only exonerated her but given her other son back.”

Now this is a very intriguing case. We’ll never know now, but this may have been a wild pack of dogs. Even if not, it is a good thing that the mother is finally cleared of allegations and she can now hopefully enjoy being reunited with other family members, who turned against her due to the false accusations. This not only teaches us to ‘dig deeper than the surface’, but also shows that preparedness is always necessary, and what could happen to us if we are in an area with possible wild dogs. With the finding that a Dog Pack is the Cause of 25-yr Old Murder Case, can this family get back to “normal” after such a long time?

Are you curious, like me, about why this was re-investigated 25 years later? The story didn’t say.  I’d like to know the rest of the story also.

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    Julie, it was 25 yrs ago. Not the paranoid control freaks of this era. When I was 6 yrs old I could go out wandering around with the dog. It was never a problem then. How often do you hear of a dog pack attack? This was truly a weird incident just like the Australia case of the Dingo’s that ate the baby.

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    I’m curios as to why the 6yr old boy was out walking the dog alone ? And this is yet another reason as to why spay/neuter is so important.

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