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‘Dog Parker’ Rentable Dog Kennels Hit New York Sidewalks

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Reminiscent of a bus station locker, Dog Parker on-demand doghouses are an alternative to pet parents that, until now, would tie their dog’s leash to a pole outside the deli while they ran inside. Still, the sidewalk dog lockers are leaving some dog owners feeling a little uneasy.

Dog Parker’s CEO, Chelsea Brownridge, conceived the idea out of frustration with not being able to take her own dog, Winston along on errands. Her options were to either tie Winston to a pole while she ran inside for a moment or leave him at home – neither of which were ideal for her or the dog.

So far, response to the Dog Parker has been mixed. Many dog owners scoff at the idea, while others are beginning to see the virtue in it. A lot of thought went into developing the Dog Parker. Contrary to what many believe at first glance, it’s not just a lock box for your dog.

Dog owners must join a membership program (at a cost of $25/year) and receive an access card in order to use the kennels. Not just anyone can walk up to a box and place a dog inside. In addition to the annual fee, users will pay 20-cents per minute to use the kennel.

Members must show proof of yearly vaccinations and kennels are cleaned daily. Future plans include the addition of UV sanitizing lights to automatically turn on and kill germs between use, a more dog-friendly shape that’s less like a box and more like a fun doghouse, and additional viewing windows to allow the dog to see what’s happening around him.

The doghouses are equipped with video cameras so dog owners can look in on their dog minute-by-minute to see that they’re ok. Each Dog Parker is climate-controlled and when the outside temperature drops below 32 or above 85 degrees, dog owners are alerted to come pick up their dogs, and the boxes won’t work again until conditions improve.

Each kennel has a 3-hour time limit, after which an employee from Dog Parker will retrieve the dog and place it in a boarding facility, with stiff penalty fees charged to the dog’s owner.

Dog Parker’s development team spent more than a year working with veterinarians, behaviorists, and animal welfare experts in designing the doghouses and their features and functionality.

Right now, there are 5 Dog Parkers on Brooklyn sidewalks with plans to launch 100 more in Brooklyn before spreading to other cities.

After learning more about the on-demand dog crates, would you consider using one?

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  1. Avatar Of Lucyp



    This is a bad idea all-around. It puts dogs at risk of being harassed or harmed by cruel people or bored kids, overheating if something malfunctions, feeling lonely and stressed not understanding why their guardian has locked them up and left them on the street, and more. If you can’t take your dog in to wherever you’re going, it’s much safer and less stressful to just leave them at home.

    • Avatar Of Bob B

      Bob B


      Dogs get used to new routines all the time. After a few visits to a dog Parker kennel, many dogs will do quite well, plus be happier out and about together with their best friend (you).

  2. Avatar Of Vicki Vicki says:

    As long as the “parker” box itself cannot be removed by would-be thieves from its location, I don’t see why not. I do think the upper temperature allowance is a little high for older dogs or those with health issues.

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