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Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse

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There’s a new fad on the Internet these days. It’s called dog shaming.

The rules for dog shaming are easy.

1. Take a picture of your dog with an obnoxious saying around its neck.

2. Post it on line.

3. Everyone makes fun of your dog.

This idea of dog shaming has gotten so big that the news media are looking at it.

One post on the dog shaming blog was taken when the dog was sleeping. The sign on the dog says, “I get scared at the vet so I pooped in your lap.”

Poor baby.

The Vet can be a scary place. Strangers handle your baby. They give your baby shots and sometimes perform procedures. Would you like it if one minute you’re minding your business and the next some stranger is sticking something into your butt?

Just imagine for a moment.

Instead of your dog baby it’s a real baby. How funny do you think it would be to post a picture of an infant saying “I have a poopy diaper?”

People would think you were weird.

But when it comes to their dog children, people think it’s okay? What’s the matter with them!

All over the country people are abusing their dogs. People are attacking dogs. People are mistreating dogs.

Well, we’ve had enough.

It’s time for us to respond and say, Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse!

The Dogington Post is starting a campaign that we hope you will help us with.

We’d like to create signs for our dogs showing how much we love them. Dogs are our beloved children. We should never ever make fun of them. Because…

Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse!

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Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse!

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  1. Avatar Of Peter



    Right? These poor dogs are going to need years of therapy once they learn to read and understand their owners were pointing out some particular bad behavior! I just came here to see if this was a joke, couldn’t tell because it was so ridiculous so checked the comments. This author is abusing his brain by using it to think this kind of stuff up. Haha sooooo ridiculous.

  2. Avatar Of Elaine Elaine says:

    I was just about to share this web site with my thousands of equine advocacy friends on Facebook, since they’re all dog lovers and because I thought it was interesting and well designed… and then I saw this article, and changed my mind.

    A dog couldn’t care less whether or not it’s being made fun of on the Internet, has dyed pink with food coloring, purple painted toenails, or a rhinestone collar. We do these things for ourselves and for our friends’ enjoyment, and it has no effect on our dogs, cats, horses, or whatever else we choose to love and care for. Some people get tacky, raunchy, silly, or weird when they make up captions to go with photos of their pets– BUT as long as their pet is loved and well cared for, none of the rest matters. I suggest you do an update to your article and suggest that it’s just a satirical piece, and not ‘for real’.

  3. Avatar Of Kc In Fla

    KC in FLA


    OK, I can see both sides of this issue. When I first saw the dog shaming piece on NBC News, I thought it was cute, but I also felt sorry for the dogs being shamed. They obviously need some training, and positive attention to help them over their “issues.” But I don’t think they are being abused. At the same time, what’s wrong with starting a “celebrate dogs” site to show the cute and positive things they do? I think both ideas are cute and innovative, and can easily coexist.
    Can’t we all just get along?

  4. Avatar Of Jackie



    I admit that I haven’t had time to look at ALL the dog-shaming posts but, so far, I have seen none that indicate any sort of mistreatment of the dog. I agree that people are just sharing the fun of being a dog owner. I know that my dogs do many weird, silly, naughty, lovable things. They’re dogs, after all – and I love them dearly. I agree that I’d much rather see DP spend their time, money and efforts fighting against true cases of animal abuse.

  5. Avatar Of Marion Tjagvad

    Marion Tjagvad


    These idoits who enjoy shaming their dogs are sick and dangerious humans! If they get pleasure out of humiliating their own dog/dogs these dogs need to be removed from their homes as soon a possible; because if they don’t care about them enough to do this, next they will push it even further with physical abuse!! I know what I am talking about!! I’ve heard too many horror stories!! My dog is my child!! My son, Buckus died of cancer after he spend 9 loving years with us! We rescued this sweet Rottweiler when he was a year and a half. He’s buried in Our backyard in a casket. I couldn’t get another dog for 7 years because I missed him and love him so much. My daughter just recently bought us a pug. What a precious, sweet little boy named Miso. Buckus loved small dogs so he is happy we have Miso. You NEVER shame someone you love!!! Go for it Dogington Post!!! ra ra ra!!!

  6. Avatar Of Amber



    This has to be a joke. When I first thought of “animal shamming” I though of verbal abuse, degradation and humiliation these are all forms of shaming abuse and as far as I am away there are no animals that can read.
    In my opinion the word “abuse” has been more then abused and by coming up with stupid causes, ones that are purely not hurting anything is undermining the entire idea of activism and indeed hurts and take focus and energy away on the actual cases of abuse and the need to educate the ignorant.
    I have seen true abuse and by vilifying people when it is obvious they are only having fun with their pets and who’s pets obviously are not hurt and enjoying the attention payed to them, that is a definite form of abuse . Perhaps your energy could be put to better use by focusing on actual abuse, this idea is idiotic.

  7. Avatar Of Barbara



    I’m sorry but this is taking it way too far. These dogs are not being abused. The dogs that are abandoned everyday and beaten and starved to death are the ones that are being abused.

    And the whole thing about “Would you do this to your child?” bit, first of all there are a lot of pictures of babies that we all laugh at! Babies and dogs are two different things may I add as well. I have a dog, and a two week old daughter and I love them both to pieces. But please stop comparing dogs with babies!

    I think this whole post is just ridiculous and people aren’t trying to “shame” their dogs. I read this and I just thought, “What moron thought this up?” Instead of spending your time trying to write these stupid little worthless columns, become proactive in something that actually will save an animal’s life. This won’t! Take a trip to the Humane Society and see what you can do to help a sick, injured, or abandoned animal. Don’t sit on your butt at the computer all day making up this sorta stuff.

    I bet that most people that post these pictures LOVE their animals and are not trying to shame them. Worry about the dog’s feelings getting hurt when they learn how to read. What is more shameful a sign around a dog’s neck saying something that the dog cannot read? Or someone starving and beating an animal to death. You decide.

    • Avatar Of Kelly



      I’m glad to see all these posts, I came across the article while looking to browse 1 of my new “fav” sites, dogshaming. This is the most stupid article I’ve read in a long time. Did this guy look at the pics at all??? The dogs are on couches, beds…in nice warm homes. REALLY??? They appear to be so “abused”! I will be so worried if I post a dog shame pic of my dog he will log into my computer, find his pic, and be so traumized for the rest of his life that I have to take him to therapy sessions, OMG!
      I am glad I have never subscribed to this & never will…worthless!

  8. Avatar Of Meghan



    I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, dogs and cats can not read, nor do they even know they are being laughed at on the internet. To be quite honest, the laughing at them to me is because it is so stinking cute! I think they are so funny when they get that guilty look on their face and you insert your words for what they must be thinking.. It cracks me up.. I have not done it, but maybe I would someday for fun. My cat Pepper pees on my sons car seat when I bring it in the house to clean it.. I have no clue why.. he could have a “I peed on the kids car seat” tag.. haha.. Jasmin scratches furniture.. Bentley my dog tries to hump other dogs at the dog park even though he is neutered.. (we are training him to knock that off) it is all in good humor though. I love my pets dearly and I would never do anything to hurt them, emotionally or physically.. they are very well cared for as well.

  9. Avatar Of Teri



    I do NOT support you on this DP. You’re making a big deal out of nothing. If anything you are giving more attention to these sites you’re fighting against. How dare you suggest those dogs are being abused. I’m really disappointed in HP.

    • Avatar Of Barbara



      I fully agree with you! I am very dissapointed as well and I think they should remove this post.

  10. Avatar Of Ellen



    No, the “dog shaming” fad is NOT dog abuse. Let’s keep this simple: if no dogs were hurt, or put at risk of being hurt, this is NOT abusive behavior.

    Human babies grow up, learn to read, and can be embarrassed by photos they discover later, but our fur babies will never read.

    There is more than enough actual abuse of companion animals in the world, in which animals actually get hurt. Stop wasting time with this.

  11. Avatar Of Gina Comaduran

    gina comaduran


    by misusing the term “abuse” by applying it to these completely harmless photos you dilute its true meaning and make the cause of protecting animals into the real joke, DP. i look at that blog everyday and laugh out loud at the LOVE we all so obviously have for our pets; that despite the fact that they do crazy things like eat the buttons off of our $300 cashmere cardigan we ADORE THEM!! to turn this into some overly-sensitive, politically correct stance is to make the seriousness of REAL animal abuse lessened. get over it.

  12. There are dogs and cats in real danger and abusive situations and you have the gall to attack obviously loving pet caretakers for having fun with their pets? Way to try to take something positive and twist it into a negative. Dogs can’t read, they have no idea what the signs say – and during the photo shoot, they’re spending time with their favorite humans. How is that abuse?

    There are REAL problems you could have addressed during the time it took you to write this nonsense.

  13. Avatar Of Stacie Anderson

    Stacie Anderson


    Are you serious with this??? People aren’t abusing their dogs then taking pics! Whoever came up with this stupid animal activism is simply screwed in the head. If the people taking the pics were being mean..physically or mentally, to their pet that wld be a whole different ballgame. It’s obvious these pets are loved and taken good care of. It’s a joke, it’s for fun, it’s being silly. Have you no sense of humor? The dogs have no idea what the signs say. All they know is they are getting some attention…that’s all that matters to them in their world. Attention, love, and good care. What a waste of time for you! Spend it doing something that actually matters. Volunteer at a shelter or something. Damn…I’m so ticked at this I’m giggling. Dumb.

  14. Avatar Of Judy Schwarze

    Judy Schwarze


    If your dog is terrified at the vet, it’s probably at least half your own fault. If you are nervous and think this is going to be an ordeal for the pup, then he picks up on your anxiety and acts accordingly. With all of our dogs we proceed on the first visit with the words and the attitude and the belief that we’re taking our precious furbaby to see some new friends and get nice treats. I’ve never had a dog yet who was afraid of the vet.

  15. Avatar Of Jill-Den



    Dogs are not “shamed” unless they are in some way physically harmed or yelled at, in my opinion. They have no idea what these signs say!

    • Avatar Of Barbara



      I must say, Dogs are SMART. my Patsy came to me from the Humane Society, tame loveable, potty trained.The previous owner had died her coat pink.So we washed her before leaving the site.
      She doesn’t read the paper, better yet she reads my mind and listenes to every thing i say to her.There are words she reacts to like, walk, dinner, treat,and beddie by, in that order. Once she spilled her food dish and i shamed her.She layed down and hide her head. Believe me friend, never again!
      Her love for me she shows in every way. She is my best friend.
      Her Birthday is in Oct. she will be 11 years young.God bless all of the animals.

  16. Ralph – People that put their dogs on fb or other media are not abusing their animals – how ridiculous. I have a page for my son’s dog and he is in no way abused. As a matter of fact, all the dog photos and pages help to bring attention to mistreated, abused, neglected, and rescue pets. Why don’t you spend your time fighting against something that does hurt animals.
    Go look at a page like facebook.com/TuggBullTerrier – see what good comes of sharing.

  17. Avatar Of Claudette Canzian

    Claudette Canzian


    Ditto…. “most ” of the people who posted these pictures have a sense of humor and love their dogs. If not they wouldn’t even be interacting with their dogs and taking the time to participate.

  18. Avatar Of Are You Serious!?

    Are You Serious!?


    Are you serious!? REALLY??? this is the stupidest “animal activism” i have ever seen in my life! there are puppymills in all of our backyards that TORTURE thousands of dogs every day and you are taking a stance against funny dog pictures on the internet!?

    if you want to be an activist, choose something worth fighting for….something that makes a difference to the world. funny pictures that put a smile on someones face, brightens their day or makes them laugh is not something to be fighting against. the world needs more smiles, not more angry people fighting and finding the negative in everything.

    good by Dogington Post.

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