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Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse

There’s a new fad on the Internet these days. It’s called dog shaming.

The rules for dog shaming are easy.

1. Take a picture of your dog with an obnoxious saying around its neck.

2. Post it on line.

3. Everyone makes fun of your dog.

This idea of dog shaming has gotten so big that the news media are looking at it.

One post on the dog shaming blog was taken when the dog was sleeping. The sign on the dog says, “I get scared at the vet so I pooped in your lap.”

Poor baby.

The Vet can be a scary place. Strangers handle your baby. They give your baby shots and sometimes perform procedures. Would you like it if one minute you’re minding your business and the next some stranger is sticking something into your butt?

Just imagine for a moment.

Instead of your dog baby it’s a real baby. How funny do you think it would be to post a picture of an infant saying “I have a poopy diaper?”

People would think you were weird.

But when it comes to their dog children, people think it’s okay? What’s the matter with them!

All over the country people are abusing their dogs. People are attacking dogs. People are mistreating dogs.

Well, we’ve had enough.

It’s time for us to respond and say, Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse!

The Dogington Post is starting a campaign that we hope you will help us with.

We’d like to create signs for our dogs showing how much we love them. Dogs are our beloved children. We should never ever make fun of them. Because…

Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse!

Dog Shaming Is Dog Abuse!




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