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Instead of ‘Shaming Dogs,’ Let’s Celebrate Them!

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Dogs have been all over the news this week, but not for being the adoring, lovable, loyal, and kissable furry friends we cherish.

Nope. They’re making headlines with Dog Shaming. A new trend in which people take photos of their dogs, looking sad or ashamed, and pronounce the “bad behavior” they’ve done.

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It’s all in harmless fun, right?

We’re not so sure.

In a time when homeless dogs are at an all time high, when shelters and rescues are overflowing with dogs in desperate need of loving homes, spreading a message of shame surrounding these amazing animals could be contributing to the problem.

That’s why, instead of shaming dogs, The Dogington Post is celebrating them! And you can help!

Here’s how:


1. Make a sign that celebrates your dog’s best feature, praises his awesome character, or tells the world about an amazing talent. Some examples are, “I love to snuggle!” “I’m a great listener.” or “My humans love me!”

2. Take a photo of your dog, proudly sharing his sign with the world, not looking sad or ashamed, but happy, like he is.

3. Email your photo to [email protected].

4. Every Friday, check the Front Page of www.DogingtonPost.com to see your special pup and all the other Celebrated Dogs submitted that week.

5. Celebrate amazing dogs, don’t shame them.


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  1. Avatar Of Danielle



    This is absolutely ridiculous criticism. A- Dogs can’t read, so they really hardly know they’re being “shamed,” and it offers comfort to people in the midst of dog training or who are trying to find the humor in their dog’s bizarre behavior. B- So many pets end up in shelters because human beings are not ready or willing to accept the effort it takes to live with any pet. “Dog shaming” deters casual owners. Anything we can do to deter people “casually” owning a pet and not thinking about being with that animal for its lifetime and changing their lives to suit that lifestyle helps homeless animals. It’s the second most important cause next to encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets. Everyone knows these aren’t bad or unlovable dogs, but good dogs are sometimes naughty, and loving them in spite of that is what makes a pet owner.

  2. Avatar Of Louise



    I agree, it’s all in fun…because TRUE dog lovers KNOW we love them in spite of their “bad” behaviors,which are really quite comical sometimes. But, I love your idea EVEN BETTER…Let’s Celebrate them, while we have them to love and laugh with and at. Long Live Dogs..Man’s only real friend. (Who else would want us?)My Lil Boy Blue knows I love, adore and cherish his little furry soul, and there is nothing he could ever do to make me love him less.

    • Avatar Of Nellie Nellie says:

      To Robert and Louise,
      I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!
      Dogs are a true gift from god!!
      They are smart, loyal, compassionate and so much more!! More than i could say about humans!!

    • Avatar Of Donna Douglas

      Donna Douglas


      I agree with you wholeheartedly. I still laugh at the memories of my dogs who aren’t here anymore remembering things like digging up my garden right after a GOOD watering. I paid her back with a bath. LOL

  3. Avatar Of Robert



    You have a good point and I love the idea of pictures celebrating dogs but everyone needs to lighten up and laugh a little bit. This is not going to deter true dog lovers from adopting a dog- we all know this comes with the territory. And if someone sees this website and decides not to adopt, then they probably should not have a dog anyway. What would actually be even funnier would be adding pictures of humanshaming with the dogs!

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