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Dog Sitter Charged in Death of Two Senior Dogs

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Cody, 15, And Lola, 11, Were Killed When Their Dog-Sitter Left Them Trapped Inside A Hot Car. Image Via News12 Video.
Cody, 15, and Lola, 11, were killed when their dog-sitter left them trapped inside a hot car. Image via News12 video.

A Warwick, New York dog-sitter was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and confining an animal to a hot vehicle when two dogs died in her care.

Nancy Evans, 67, runs a pet-sitting service out of her home which is prohibited in the apartment complex in which she lives. But, it sounds more like she runs the service out of her car…

On July 21, she took two dogs with her while she shopped at a nearby mall, presumable leaving them in the car while she shopped. When she returned home, she carried her shopping bags inside and left the two senior dogs, Cody and Lola, in her vehicle and went inside. Temperatures outside reached 86°, leaving it much hotter inside the vehicle. Both dogs were killed.
Cody, 15, was an all-white rescue Jack Russell terrier and poodle mix. Lola, 11, was a Westie and American Eskimo Dog mix.

While Cody and Lola’s owner chose not to press charges against Evans, police gathered enough evidence from neighbors and witnesses to charge her.

One neighbor told News12 that she’d warned Evans about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars in the past, but that she wouldn’t listen. Others claimed to have seen dogs locked in Evans’ car multiple times, in both very hot and very cold days.

One witness told the Times Herald-Record that she saw 3 dogs locked in Evans’ car last month for over an hour. She knocked on Evans’ door and reminded her, warning her about the danger of leaving dogs in hot cars.

Evans is due in court later this month. She is facing up to a year in jail and penalties.

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    Does anybody know if she was sentenced and to what? I’m having a hard time tracking down more info about the outcome of this case, and I don’t want to let it die in the back of a local municipal courtroom.

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