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Dog Survives 5 Weeks in Freeway Median After Falling From Truck

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Police in Galt, California are hoping to find the owner of a dog that survived more than a month eluding rescue and living in the median of Highway 99.

The first call came in to Galt Police on April 10th after a witness saw a dog either jump from or fall off of a pickup truck in the area. For 5 weeks, concerned citizens reported sightings of the dog, but every attempt made to rescue her was unsuccessful. That is until Saturday when, along with help from the California Highway Patrol, police finally spotted the injured dog and captured her.

“Once CHP was able to get the snare on her, she fought a little bit, but then she subsided and just laid down, and those big brown eyes were looking up at us like ‘please help me,'” Galt police Officer Sylvia Coelho explained to Fox40.

The German Shepherd, whose rescuers have named her ‘Freeway Frida’, was drastically underweight at just 44 pounds when she was taken to VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital for care. She also suffered from a broken leg that will require surgery to repair.

Her caregivers say Frida is sweet, affectionate, and well-trained, indicating that she must have an owner somewhere. Unfortunately, she was not microchipped, so her past remains a mystery.

Police and veterinarians are also amazed that she was able to survive for so long living in the median of the busy highway.

Today, Frida is doing well, gaining weight, and expected to make a full recovery to, once again, being a healthy, happy dog. If an owner does not step forward, she will eventually be placed for adoption.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Kelly Sifford

    Kelly Sifford


    I don’t think they should give the dog back if the owner is found. Dogs should not ride in the back of a truck as it is so unsafe and they are killed or injured horribly.

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