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Dog Sustains Injuries After Bobcat Sneaks And Lounges Inside Arizona Home

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A dog sustains $3000 worth of injuries after bobcat encounter on Monday, March 6 at a home in San Manuel, Arizona.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department reported that a man found a bobcat lounging on his dog’s bed after getting home from work on Monday.

The whereabouts of the homeowner’s dog, Squeakers, were initially unknown during the encounter.

An initial report from Fox 10 said that there weren’t any reports of anyone, both animals or humans, being harmed or injured from the encounter.

However, Squeakers returned home with serious injuries a day after the encounter.

According to Mark Hart, spokesman for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, he believes the dog was traumatized from the attack and “it fled out the doggy door, staying away until it felt it was safe to come home.”

His owner, through Squeakers’ Instagram page, gave an update, saying, “The staff at Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson did an amazing job patching me [Squeakers] up after I met up with the bobcat.”

Currently, Squeakers is at the Veterinary Specialty Center Tucson and needs a total of $3,300 to cover all medical expenses.

If you wish to help Squeakers, you can do so by donating on GoFundMe. You can also check for updates on his condition through his Instagram page.

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