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Dog Swallows Gorilla Glue, Vets Remove Perfect Mold of Stomach

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Any parent to a young puppy can agree – if your dog can fit something in his mouth, there’s a good chance he’ll try to eat it. Such was the case for Lake, a 6-month-old Weimaraner, that sniffed out a bottle of Gorilla Glue that hadn’t been properly stowed out of reach.

Lake helped herself to a small taste of the sweet smelling, industrial strength glue and within 24 hours, things began to go terribly wrong.

Krystal Wilson of Oklahoma noticed her puppy began vomiting and wasn’t acting like her usual self and took her to the vet. By the time Lake was seen by a doctor, the bit of glue had expanded into a mass about the size of a turkey leg, requiring immediate surgical intervention.

A rock hard mass that had molded to the shape of the dog’s stomach was extracted, and just in time. Lake is said to be recovering well.

Lake’s family and her veterinarians hope that by sharing her story, other pet parents will be more careful, remembering to keep anything inedible well out of their dog’s reach.

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