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Dog Tooth Extraction Recovery: Basic Reminders For Dog Owners

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Healthy dental hygiene for dogs is essential. It can be overlooked often, but providing proper dental care can help avoid various issues aside from dental damage. When bacteria in the plaque enter the bloodstream, it spreads to the heart, kidney and liver.

One of the most common veterinary procedures is dog tooth extraction. There are different reasons why dogs get them. It can be periodontal disease, tooth decay and a broken or unerupted tooth. 

Recovery is crucial when it comes to canine teeth extractions. Improper care can cause multiple issues, such as possible infections. In this blog, we talk about some dog tooth extraction recovery and care reminders to help you! Keep reading to find out more.



After the tooth extraction, feed your dog only soft food diets until the area of extraction is healed. There may be a lack of appetite until the anesthesia wears off. Avoid hard treats and kibble and feed your dog a small meal two hours after the surgery. In some cases, the vet will recommend a liquid diet for some time. Water plays an essential part in the healing process, so you should ensure your dog gets a lot of it.



Provide the medication prescribed by your vet. This may include pain relievers and antibiotics. Follow the right dosage and other instructions given for your dog’s immediate recovery. Call your vet if your dog refuses to take its pain medicine.

Rest And Exercise

Rest and Exercise

General anesthesia can make your dog drowsy for the next 6–24 hours and they will need a comfortable place to rest after the extraction. Proper rest is required for the body to heal. Your dog’s normal activity level will return once they are no longer groggy but it is recommended to keep their physical activity to a minimum. Refrain from allowing your dog to engage in heavy activities.



The process of tooth extraction is simple. But like any other surgery, there is a possibility of a complication. The healing time can usually take up to two weeks. Call your vet immediately if you notice any swelling around the wounds or if your dog is not responding to the treatment. If you have any questions about your dog’s health, seek advice from your local clinic. 

And there you have it! Do you have more to add?

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