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Dog Trainer Blamed for Death of 3 Dogs in Hot Car

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A Fort Worth dog trainer is under investigation after three dogs died in a hot car while in her care.

Dog Trainer Blamed For Death Of 3 Dogs In Hot Car - The Dogington Post

Fort Worth, Texas dog trainer, Sherri Taylor, was hired by three different dog owners to provide service dog training for their animals. Taylor was tasked with training the dogs to act appropriately in a variety of situations – in stores, restaurants, on airplanes – as well as teach obedience and behaviors necessary of legitimate service dogs.

While caring for three clients’ dogs, Taylor parked her car and went inside a veterinary clinic to visit with former coworkers. She told the dogs’ owners that she left the air conditioner running and that the vehicles was equipped with sensors that would alert her if the temperature became too hot. At some point during her visit, the vehicle shut off and the temperature alarms malfunctioned.

The dogs were left alone in the parked car for 45-minutes. All three dogs died.

Brooke King, whose beloved dog Vinny, a 6-pound Pomeranian died in the car is considering taking legal action against the trainer to whom she paid thousands of dollars for service dog training. Another dog, Alice, a Bullmastiff and service dog for a veteran with PTSD, perished in the hot car, as well as a third service dog in training.

Fort Worth Police confirmed that they are investigating the dogs’ deaths, and have filed a report for possible animal cruelty charges.

King has now started a foundation to raise awareness for animal cruelty in her beloved Vinny’s honor.

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  1. Avatar Of Lavon Matthews

    Lavon Matthews


    A dog trainer? Really? Dogs are not just animals… they are family… you can’t cure stupid…the breed of animals she had, in her care should have been checked on within 5 minutes…my prayers to the families of those sweet fur babies….

  2. Avatar Of John Hande

    John Hande


    Prison time is the only thing that will help people like this. Anyone who leaves dogs alone in a car in the heat of summer, running or not, is a criminal.

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