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Dog Trainer Charged With Animal Cruelty After Misusing Shock Collar

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An Oklahoma Sit Means Sit dog trainer is facing animal cruelty charges after police say he “willfully, maliciously, feloniously and cruelly” injured a dog he was hired to train.

An Oklahoma City resident was at home on February 1 when her dog began barking at something outside.

She told KFOR News that she heard a dog outside her house, yelping and barking. She said she thought the dog had been hit by a car because he was yelping in pain. She went outside to investigate and found a Boxer-mix in her front yard behaving strangely.

“It was actually violently pushing against the front window jumping, and it just sounds like she was in a lot of pain.”

She noticed the dog was wearing a shock collar, but when she reached in to remove the collar, the dog bit her.

Immediately after a phone call to Edmond Animal Control, Lukas Miller, the owner of Sit Means Sit Dog Training, showed up looking for the dog.

According to court documents, Miller was shock-collar training the 2-year old Boxer mix, Nala, when the dog ran off.

In an attempt to locate the missing dog, he turned up the shock collar repeatedly, apparently to inflict pain and elicit a yelping or barking response from the dog.

Miller has now been charged with animal cruelty and, because of the bite incident, Nala was quarantined for 10 days and is now back home with her owner.

Although Miller faces criminal charges for his actions, Nala’s owner says she’s happy with the training she’s received and continues to use Miller’s services.

A preliminary trial is scheduled for Thursday.

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  1. Avatar Of Kevin Ellenbrand

    Kevin Ellenbrand


    this overzealous PETA crap needs to stop. It is my opinion that “animal abuse” laws are unconstitutional on their face, because animals are considered private property at common law, and the government has no business regulating the appropriation and use of what the law considers private property.

  2. Avatar Of Anon



    This business uses proper e-collar training with much success. If my dog got lost (which these things happen)and had an ecollar on, I’d much rather they use that benefit and he be in discomfort for a short period of time and be found than have him yelp due to being hit by a car. I feel like it was quick wit, tbh. It’s not like the trainer used the ecollar during a training session and zap, zap, zapped the dog for no reason (and I’ve known owners who do this thinking it’s proper training). In another article it even stated the owner has been happy with this business and continues to use them after this incident. Just another hot and heavy article ready to fuel those who know nothing about e-collars and how successful they can be in helping train a dog. I know many working dogs that get excited when their ecollar comes out. It’s a tool that most people don’t know how to use.

  3. Avatar Of Sherry



    Put the collar on the trainer AND the owner and turn it all the way up if she thinks it’s ok to inflict pain in order to train her dog. They both are sick!!!! What is wrong with people?!!!!! I’m so sick of all these stories of abuse. Something needs to be done to stop it. Laws need to be stronger.

  4. Avatar Of Denise Denise says:

    I don’t believe in training that inflicks pain

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