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Dog Trapped in SUV for Over 24-Hours When Owners Arrested

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A dog that became trapped, locked inside his human’s SUV after the pair were arrested following a domestic dispute at the couple’s condo, is finally safe and sound, thanks to some very determined and persistent neighbors.

Janice Seitzinger, who lives at the Cedar Hill Condominiums in Raleigh, North Carolina, was walking her dog on Sunday evening when she spotted Sunny locked in the back of her neighbor’s BMW SUV. After talking to neighbors, she learned that the couple had been arrested early that morning and that the dog had been locked inside the car all day without food or water.

Police said the arresting officers did not know a dog was locked inside the couple’s car at the time of the arrest.

After spotting the dog, several neighbors grew concerned.

“He didn’t have any water, he didn’t have food, the windows were not even cracked,” said Seitzinger.

Neighbors contacted police multiple times on Sunday, but because the dog did not appear to be distressed, they were legally unable to break into the SUV to rescue him.

On Monday morning, an animal control officer arrived and left a note on the car, again, unable to enter the vehicle to rescue Sunny.

Still, neighbors continued watching the dog, monitoring him for signs of distress, and kept calling local law enforcement for help.

By 2:30pm on Monday, police had enlisted the help of firefighters and a mechanic, all of whom were unable to get the BMW unlocked, but were still not able to break a window because it was cool outside.

Finally, a neighbor suggested they get the keys from the jail where the couple were being held.

Dog Trapped In Suv For Over 24 Hours When Owners Arrested The Dogington Post

According to ABC11,

…police got the keys from the owner in jail and the dog was taken to a shelter by animal control. Police say the dog going is to be okay. If not for the work of Sunny’s determined neighbors, Sunny might have had a different ending to this story.

“There’s a lot of really good hearted people that pulled together in the neighborhood,” said Seitzinger.

Sunny is currently being held at a shelter, but neighbors hope he can be reunited with his family soon. They say that, despite their recent troubles, the couple are very nice and love their dog very much.

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  1. I am not sure the owners should be allowed to have the dog back since it appears they were not coccerned about him when they were arrested and told no one he was in the vehicle. I would have raised all kind of hell until he was safe if he was my dog and even if he wasn’t my dog.

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    Hope Poulson


    I find it hard to believe no one but a neighbour would suggest getting the key from the couple in jail. Wow! Not very good detective work by police and fire rescue.

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