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‘A Rare Case’: Dog Undergoes Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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A dog in Plymouth, Southwest England was treated for alcoholism after being taken into a rescue following his owner’s death.

The dog, a two-year old Labrador mix named Coco, developed an alcohol addiction due to his owner’s habit of leaving drinks out before going to bed, according to Newsweek.

Coco and his canine friend were both taken to the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust. According to the Trust, Coco and his pal quickly became unwell.

“Coco’s friend was repeatedly fitting and soon after Coco also started to fit.” wrote the Trust on Facebook.

Despite the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust and the emergency vet’s best efforts, Coco’s friend passed away. Meanwhile, Coco continued to be seriously in bad shape.

After round the clock care and observations, the Trust said it became clear to them that Coco was suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. “Canine alcohol withdrawal, a first for us,” wrote the The Woodside Animal Welfare Trust.

Thankfully, after being sedated for four weeks to help with his withdrawals, Coco is now “out of danger” and is off on all medications.

The shelter said it is thankful that Coco is now “starting to behave like a normal dog.” However, while he has physically recovered, Coco is still very much anxious at times. And this makes Coco unprepared for adoption.

To help with Coco’s mental recovery, he is being treated by the Trust’s Dunroamin Special Care Unit in a more homely environment, away from the main kennels.

And the Trust said this arrangement is making a difference in Coco’s recuperation and overall well-being.

Coco has been at the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust for over a month now. And no one knows how he and his pal got into alcohol addiction or what their life was with their owner.

“But we do know that without our care Coco would likely have not survived this heart breaking ordeal.” the Trust said.

If you want to help Coco and other dogs like him at the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, you may visit the Trust’s website at: www.woodsidesanctuary.org.uk

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