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Dog Wick: The ‘John Wick’ Alternate Reality Where the Dog is the Assassin

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Dogwick Min

What if there was an alternate movie reality in which super assassin John Wick had died and his dog had lived? Would John Wick’s dog seek vengeance against those that took the life of his human the way the film’s lead took on those that killed his best buddy, Daisy?

As the much anticipated John Wick sequel, John Wick Chapter 2 hits theaters this weekend, a gang of YouTubers called RocketJump asked that very question – and answered it in this clever John Wick parody, Dog Wick.

The spoof, titled “Dog Wick,” is a play on the 2014 action film and imagines what would happen if Keanu Reeves’ character and his beloved dog switched roles and the pup sought revenge.

The video was created to promote the John Wick sequel, John Wick Chapter 2, in which the famed assassin Wick comes out of retirement once again to stop a former associate from taking control of an international assassins’ guild. John Wick Chapter 2 hits theaters Friday, February 10.

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