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The Great American Dogclipse! Monday’s Solar Eclipse Looked Eerily Like This NJ Dog

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While millions of eyes were pointed to the sky for Monday’s Great American Eclipse, one New Jersey family say this image of the incredible event looks exactly like their dog! Do you see the resemblance?

The Magariello family say one photo taken during Monday’s partial eclipse as seen from Mount Holly, New Jersey bears an uncanny resemblance to their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cody.

When viewed side-by-side, the image of the partial eclipse taken around 2pm Monday is doggone incredible!

Do you see Cody’s adorable face in the clouds, too?


“We always knew Cody was a little out there,” Nina Magariello told NJ.com. “He is kind of a crazy dog.”

The photo was taken by Stephen Wilkins, a co-worker of Cody’s human dad, Mark Magariello. Of course, the moment Wilkins showed Magariello the photo, Mark immediately recognized his pup’s precious face.

The resemblance is so surreal that Magariello’s kids, aged 14 and 10, thought it was fake!

Did you see any unexpected images in the sky? Tell us about them in a comment below!

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