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Dog-Friendly Hotels that Let Fido Stay for Free!

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Traveling with your dog is an exciting and wonderful experience for you both – and can sometimes incur unexpected costs, especially when it comes to lodging. I’ll admit, I’ve snuck my dog in through the back door of a hotel a time or two when I couldn’t find a hotel that lets dogs stay for free. Most hotels either don’t allow pets at all, or charge a substantial fee during your stay.

Luckily, Laura Goldman of I Love Dog Friendly compiled this list of 4 Dog-Friendly hotel chains that will welcome your entire family – even the hairy ones!

Dog-Friendly Hotels that Let Fido Stay for Free!

Kimpton Hotels – The largest boutique hotel company in the U.S. charges no fees for pets, nor does it impose any size or breed restrictions in its nearly 50 hotels. Even extras like cozy dog beds, food bowls and gourmet treats are supplied free of charge. However, there is a fee for special pet packages that include services like pet massage and doggie pedicures. “Our creative packages and complimentary amenities add value to each guest’s hotel stay and ultimately set the stage for stress-free pet travel,” Steve Pinetti, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ senior vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release.

La Quinta – Dogs up to 50 pounds are welcome and stay for free at more than 700 La Quinta hotels nationwide. When you make a reservation online, write a note in the “Special Requests” field indicating you’ll be bringing your pooch; when booking by phone, let the representative know you’re traveling with your dog.

Motel 6 – This budget-friendly chain was also a pet-friendly pioneer. Along with leaving the light on for you, Motel 6 will welcome your pooches “unless they pose a health or safety risk or are prohibited by law,” according to its website. Be sure to declare your dog when you check in.

Red Roof Inns – “You stay happy, pets stay free!” this chain assures its guests. More than 345 Red Roof Inns in 36 states welcome one pet per room, with no additional charges. You must declare your dog when you register. “Just because you’re furry, shouldn’t mean you have to spend the night in the car,” notes RedRoofLuvsPets, the chain’s Facebook page dedicated to its fur-legged guests. Be aware that due to local laws, only service dogs are allowed at Red Roof Inns in Oxon Hill, Md.; Flushing, N.Y.; and Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

Read the entire text here. Have you ever traveled with your dog? Were you able to find a hotel that let your dog stay for free? Tell us about your experience in a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Rubi



    Here’s my question. Where can you stay that would except 4 dogs. The total weight of all is under 50 lbs. Haven’t been able to find any place that takes more then 3 dogs.

  2. Avatar Of Denise



    stay at motel six in brattleboro vt frequently ,its remodeled and pet friendly clean,and pets stay free,buddy has met a few good fur legged friends there,rooms are very reasonable and who doesn,t love vt in the fall and winter,it has good access to many activities and isn,t far from new hampsire right over the bridge.Its definatly worth a visit

  3. Avatar Of Esther Esther says:

    In case of a hurricane, by law don’t most hotel allow dogs to stay with their owners. I need to know all of the pet friendly hotels since I live the coast of Texas and there might be a time we will have to move to higher ground….

  4. Avatar Of Linda



    We spend a week in New Orleans and found a gem of a place called the Olivier house. it allowed us to bring our little dog at no extra charge…. It was awesome! We will go back… The only real issue we had was finding grass to walk our dog…it was a block up the road…but we managed…he went with us just about everywhere… I can’t wait to go back!

  5. Avatar Of Carole Steele

    Carole Steele


    I agree with Jennifer. The Drury Inn and Suites is the only place we’ll stay with our 2 small dogs. There’s no comparison to other facilities.

  6. Avatar Of Carolyn B.

    Carolyn B.


    I traveled to Iowa recently and brought my 2 dogs and we stayed at Comfort Inn and Suites in Corralville. Everyone was extremly friendly and my girls got to stay free as they did not cause a disturbance. They stated that charges would only apply if that happened. They were well behaved. I agree that my girls do not like to be away from me for long and having them with me is a great comfort when traveling and they enjoy it also. Grumpy Bob…get bit!!!

  7. Avatar Of Charlene



    Ks_girlygirl, I would hate the thought of Billy Bopper having a defenseless furry friend! It takes a person with a knowing heart to be a parent to a furry family member. If that is not what they are to a person they should not have one, it is a cruelty imposed upon that animal for as long as they are with that person. I know that a lot of people will disagree with me but it is only because they do not have that heart and haven’t the realization or knowledge of someone that does. An animals heart and feelings are as strong or stronger than a humans, they do not understand why they are not being treated with love. They still treat a person with love even when that person is mean to them. They are loyal even beyond human understanding. I would never have left one of my sons behind in a cage on a cold concrete floor in a kennel while I went on Vacation even though they could understand what I told them before I left. Why in the world would I leave my furbaby behind in that same situation when he could not understand what I was saying? That is also why I so disagree with anyone getting an animal that would ever give that animal away even to someone who would be good to it. Would you give your child away because you moved into an apartment that did not allow children? I wouldn’t I would find one that welcomed them. And to anyone that has the Idea that a child is more valuable than an animal, I KNOW this will really rile their feathers. A living being is a living being an animal mother loves their child as much as a human loves their child and sometimes more.

  8. Avatar Of Ks_Girlygirl



    Billy Bopper….I have traveled extensively for business and stayed at the best hotels…most of them accepted pets. I have been awaken more times from people’s noisy children running up and down the hall. Not one time did a dog barking wake me up. I don’t ever recall hearing a dog bark in all the years I traveled. As far as imposing a vacation on a dog…my little pooch loves to travel and be with me, he is very uneasy when I am not around and have to leave him behind. Yes he is a dog, but he is my baby and I would never leave my human baby behind. I raised him from a tiny puppy…love does not know the difference from an animal or a human baby. Get yourself a dog and learn to love Billy!

  9. we traveled alot with military life, we called one hotel about our dog, they said yes, but when we got there, it was an outside pen, that poor dog had never been outside before, and never away from our children, he barked and barked, I finally brought him into our room for the night, he was so happy to be with family he laid down and went to sleep. after that we always had small dogs so they were in carriers and allowed in our room.

  10. Avatar Of Jennifer



    Another hotel which does allow dogs and there is NO charge is Drury Inn and Suites. This is the only hotel that we will stay at with our dog. It is a great hotel! Everyone is super nice there. AND…there is free dinner, happy hour drinks, and breakfast! It is a great hotel!

  11. Avatar Of Mike



    Best Western allows dogs free as well. Inform when making reservations or at desk upon check in

    • Avatar Of Jm



      not all Best Westerns are pet friendly and not all are free. they are all independently owned and operated

  12. Avatar Of Billy Bobber

    Billy Bobber


    To answer Dixie Daddy, I can always use a hug:) I feel it is cruel to haul a pet cross country, or on a vacation. What is “enjoyable” to an owner is not always to a constricted dog. The silliness of some of the pet owners concerns, aka, your dog needs to be in the warm hotel bed with you at night during sleep, etc. Perhaps you can let your dog use the warm bathroom to do their business instead of being mean and forcing them to dedicate outside where animals do that sort of thing. Bringing a pet on a vacation only opens the door for unexpected problems and needs for the pet, it’s extremely selfish of the owner. Maybe the best scenario, if one cannot be without their pet, one should not go on vacation….now, where’s my hug? 🙂

    • Avatar Of Bggruff



      Billy Boob…please leave your noisy fur-less children home on your next trip too!

    • Avatar Of Dian



      I would love to take my German Shepard on vacation with me. I am a female and travel alone back and forth from Ohio to Key West…I dont understand your logic about dogs in Hotels Who in the world would travel with a dog that is not trained. I have left my dogs for 10 to 12 hours (not by choice) and when I arrive home I do not have urine or cap on the floor. I have an out door penn that I can put him in that has a house for him to get into in case of rain he has never even used the bath room in his 12 by 16 foot pen. As far as barking if he should begin to bark that is corrected by me. I dont know many people who would go off and leave their dog inside a hotel room unattended. It is about time the people of Ohio start renting to people with dogs South Beach, Key West, New York all these places are Pet Friendly. Pet owners have to be responsible for their pets. I dont think you are a pet owner but if you were you wont have to worry about huggs you would have some one who loved you no matter how you looked in the morning always wanting to be with you and waiting patiently for you to return home.

    • Avatar Of Tizzy



      Hey Bill what’s your problem with dogs?? They are better than people and much better behave than most kids…..I take my dogs everywhere and they don’t bark that much and never ever mess up the room, if you know how to teach your dog and how to teach your kid you wont have problems…..and take your dog or cat with you on your vacation and have a well behaved dog is a sign of being develop take a look at countries like Germany Sweden Switzerland Denmark that are much more develop than us…..dogs can stay and go everywhere including restaurants, YES, and let me tell you I grew up in Europe and now I live in the US and haven’t heard of so many allergies strange diseases and all kind of health paranoia as I heard since I am living here. Dogs are not dirty and they don’t spread diseases….MAN DOES !

    • Avatar Of Wndrr



      Billy Bobber is operating under some serious (and erroneous) assumptions, the most important of which is that people only travel with their pets when taking a vacation. I travel with my Great Dane to go visit family halfway across the country, and we often need to make the trip with an overnight. Let’s see–what would be more selfish of me? To take my dog with me so she can spend a month or two with me and my family, or to leave her in a kennel for two months? If I were really being selfish, I’d take a 2-hour plane ride instead of doing a 12-15 hour drive so she could be with me.

  13. Avatar Of John From Schenectady, The Wind Turbine City

    John from Schenectady, the Wind Turbine City


    Red Roof Inn …woof, woof for dogs. Our furry companion is always welcome at the Roof. Rooms are always clean, and at the right price! Remember to be a good guest and dog custodian. Bag up that do-do when you take doggy for a walk around their grounds.

  14. Avatar Of Billy Bobber

    Billy Bobber


    Good gawd, when I pay to stay in a hotel, I do not wish to hear dogs occasionally bark or whine all night, especially to careless owners who hear “nothing”. Also, who wants to walk barefoot on carpet that has been constantly urinated on, and cleaned little. People, dogs are animals, they are not kids,…

    • Avatar Of Billy Bobber Dummy

      Billy Bobber Dummy


      Billy Bobber – not all dogs urinate on the floor, etc. There are some dogs that may be noisy, but not all. Have you tried to travel cross country with a dog? Where would you and the dog sleep? In the car? Sometimes you need to bring your dog with you in a hotel. Europe is great about that.

    • Avatar Of Dixie'Sdad



      Does Billy Bobber need a hug?

    • Avatar Of Dd



      Lets also keep in mind that kids and adults do WAY WORSE things in hotel rooms, including urinate on the floor.

    • Avatar Of Mari



      Wow BB, did your kids piss in your Cherrios this morning???

    • Avatar Of Pam



      La Quinta and others, designate certain rooms for pets. Not all rooms have had pets in them, so If you have aversion to or allergies of, you can happily stay in the same hotel and not have to be annoyed. Now about dirty hotels rooms? Seriously? Have you met any humans? Many are dirtier than any animal. I would advise choosing wisely or staying home. And never walk barefooted on any strange carpets!

    • Avatar Of Karen Jackson

      Karen Jackson


      I’ve found that LaQuinta Inn and Suites allows dog larger than 50 pounds. My 100 pound Lab/Mastiff was welcome, as was my three legged cat. Neither made a ruckus or soiled anything.

    • Avatar Of Nano



      well you wouldn’t be staying in a petfriendly room as I understand it.our dog never barks,so quiet and we travel often and stay in same part as other dog owners and wouldn’t even know there were dogs around.also has never had an accident in room.can’t speak for others but if your dogs are properly walked there is no problem that way.and our dog is not our child but pretty darn close to it.haha

    • Avatar Of Janice Smith

      Janice Smith


      I’ve been more disturbed by kids in a motel/hotel than I have ever been disturbed by dogs. You are right, though, dogs are not kids – they are usually better behaved than kids and have more respect than children. Obviously, you don’t have a dog, which automatically tells me something about you.

  15. Avatar Of Lucero Orihuela

    Lucero Orihuela


    Hi, I wanna know if there are hotels to accept large dogs in the San Diego area. Thank you :o)

  16. Avatar Of Deb Kovach

    Deb Kovach


    Marriott RESIDENCE INN also allows dogs! Our two long-haired dachsunds travel with us all the time, and are always welcomed. Most also have some convenient grassy areas for potty…be sure to clean up after your dog, so all will continue to be welcome!

  17. Thank you for sharing this information! I’ve been looking for pet friendly hotels in Ottawa for when my wife and I go there on vacation next summer. There aren’t many hotels that are ok with guests bringing their pets.

  18. Avatar Of Barbara Barbara says:

    Hey there, You’ve done a fantastic job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend
    to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this web site.


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