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Doggone It! 100 Huskies Escape From A Pet Cafe In A Mall In China

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100 Huskies escaped during their “work hours” in a dog cafe in a shopping mall in China after a customer accidently left the door open.

After escaping, the dogs ran excitedly inside the shopping mall located in the Guangdong province in southeastern China.

CCTV footage shows the excited and happy dogs running around the mall, having a taste of temporary freedom and ignoring the staff trying to round them up.

The South China Morning Post reports that the incident happened on March 12, Tuesday when the owner visited the cafe.

The manager of the cafe explained that the dogs haven’t seen the owner for a few months, and they got very excited and rushed to her once they saw her.

Coincidentally, a customer arrived at the same time, and forgot to close the door, which the dogs took as a cue to run away.

Thankfully, staff members were able to round up all of the Huskies.

The South China Morning Post said that one female staff ushered some of the Huskies back to the cafe while another staff member, surnamed Huo, scooped up the rest in his arms, two at a time.

Huo told Xigua Video, “To ‘punish’ the disobedient Huskies, we gave them delicious chicken legs.”

The story is going viral and people online find the story amusing. One person left a comment on a video of the Huskies running and said, “Which mall is this? When will they escape again? I’m in! This looks so much fun.”

Another person had a brilliant idea saying, “The pet cafe can collaborate with the mall to let the Huskies run in a designated route. This can turn the mall into a new popular spot!”

Hahaha, it feels like the joy of pupils running out of a school,” while another quipped.

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