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Doggy Trivia Test

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So you think you are very knowledgeable about dogs? You probably are, so how about we try a doggy trivia test and see how you do? The answers are at the end of this article so NO CHEATING!

Paul McCartney penned a song for the Beatles titled “Martha My Dear”. Was he referring to his sister Martha, his mother Martha, his girlfriend Martha or his Sheepdog Martha?

Many animals have been domesticated by man. Which of the following was first? A goat, horse, dog, cat, or sheep?

What activity would the Loony Tunes cartoon characters Sam and Ralph, a sheepdog and a wolf, buddy up and do? Get a deck of cards and play poker? Go out for a drink of tea together? Clock-out at the time clock together, or go roller skating together?

Have you taken a peek at the answers yet? If not good for you! More doggy trivia test questions below.

There are more than three hundred recognized breeds of dogs globally. How many of this number are officially affirmed by the American Kennel Club? All of the over three hundred breeds? Less than one hundred of the breeds? Two hundred and fifty three of the breeds? One hundred and forty five of the breeds?

Can you remember the name of the story about a dog called Buck, that the famous Novelist Jack London wrote? The Story of Buck the Dog, Adventurous Buck, Call of the Wild, or Buck the Super Dog.

The average canine has approximately one hundred different expressions they convey with their face and ears. There are only a few breeds that use far fewer facial and ear expressions, (about ten). Do you know which of the breeds these are? The Labrador and Retriever breeds, the Beagle and Dachshund, the Pit Bull and Bulldogs or the German Shepherd and St. Bernard?

Here is a hint: This one of the main factors why it is so hard to read what this group of dogs is trying to convey to people and other dogs. You can read the signals if you know what to look for.

Domesticated dogs are descendants of wild wolves. Is the Jackal also a canine? Yes, No, because they only live in Africa, The Jackal is a totally different type of animal. The Jackal has one more pair of chromosomes.

1- His Sheepdog Martha

2- Dog

3- Clock-out at the time clock together

4- One hundred and forty five of the breeds

5- Call of the Wild

6- The Pit Bull and Bulldogs

7- The Jackal has one more pair of chromosomes

So how did you do with our doggy trivia test? Do not feel bad if you missed a few correct answers — I missed 3 of them. In any case, you now have a couple of unique trivia questions you can ask friends and dazzle them with your knowledge about dogs!

Hopefully you had a little fun with this trivia test? Please leave comments below.

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