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Dogs and YOUR Healthy Heart

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Are you aware of the proven fact that owning a dog is good for your heart health? People who love and own dogs have known this for decades, and now science is beginning to agree. Study after study, by qualified researchers; have proven owning a dog is great for your health in many different ways. Owning dogs and your healthy heart go hand in hand, and are just one of the many, many benefits we receive from our loveable best friends.

Studies have revealed women who own one or more dogs have lower stress levels and blood pressure readings than those ladies who do not own a dog. This study also revealed the presence of a dog reduced a woman’s stress and blood pressure more than being with a close friend or relative. Petting a dog, while speaking gently to the dog lowers the blood pressure and stress levels, and the effect continues after the woman has left the presence of the dog.

Dogs and your heart health also come into play when a person has suffered a heart attack. 28 % of the control group survived the heart attack if a dog was with them compared to only 6% that survived in the group that had no dog with them. This is a very interesting fact and one we all should consider for increasing our chances of surviving a potentially deadly heart attack. This study was conducted by the Federal Department of Health.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of M. Heflin

    M. Heflin


    Dogs keep you going if you live by yourself. You love them and know that you are the one that they depend upon. Sometimes I worry what will happen to my Isa in the event a long term illness or death takes me from her. She needs someone she loves to be there for her as she is with me. I pray that my son or close friend would insure she was loved and her needs provided for. Never the way I have, but sufficiently.

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