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Dogs Have a Sixth Sense

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We have all heard stories about a dog warning his or her owner about fires in the home, impending tornadoes, and other events that pose a danger to their owners and the dog. Countless dogs have been documented as “acting out”, and doing all kinds of weird behaviors before earthquakes.

I believe this is one of the most endearing things we love about owning a dog, because a dog’s sixth sense is often much better than a human’s. This most likely is genetically encoded in modern domesticated dogs and has been passed down for their ancestors—wild wolves who needed all their instincts to survive in the wild.

A great example of a dog’s sixth sense is the story about Molly, a Chihuahua, who knew something dreadful was going to happen on September 11, 2001. Her owner began this day as she usually did but noticed Molly was soon extremely upset and agitated.

Her owners lived within sight of the Twin World Trade Towers, with a beautiful view of the Hudson River and, Lower Manhattan. Their apartment offered a panoramic view from large windows that had enticed Molly’s owners to choose this apartment.

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  1. Avatar Of Mari Mari says:

    Our 5 toy poodles were going nuts howling and frantic one evening for no reason. No one was at the door and nothing in the back yard. They all did it for about 5 straight minutes. We learned a little later on the news there was a minor earthquake about 50 miles south of us right at the time they were freaking out.

  2. Avatar Of Ron Miller

    Ron Miller


    Thanks to all for these many stories proving the point. I grew up in a tenement row of apartments, so there was only street parking. One night our Cocker Spaniel went nuts and woke everybody up. Dad went to the window and door, but saw nothing. Our car had been stolen. It was parked around the corner completely out of sight from our place.

  3. Avatar Of Angie Cole

    Angie Cole


    My dogs sixth sense alerted me to my cat that had collapsed in the living room at 5am in the morning; she came and work me up by pacing up and down and scratching; I thought she need to go outside to go toilet when I opened the back door she would not go out and stood looking in the livingroom; I went in there to find my 12 year old cat semi conscious I rushed her to the vets, but unfortunately had to be put to sleep. My dog did pine for her after she had gone; so I do think it is amazing how animals have this sixth sense.

  4. Avatar Of Marlies marlies says:

    My first dog knew when people were ill or very sad.i used to date a streetperformer and met many people in the audience. My dog would sit right beside these people. He was the sweetest dog and was never agressive. The few times he was he was protecting me. That was when there were bad people on the street.
    The best moment was when i was a few months pregnant he licked my big belly and looked at me saying: i know. And it’s allright. Also viceversa. when my dog was in his last days my 1,5 year old went up to him hugging and kissing and sit with him. They were not close cause my oldest dog and me were one. My son was always with my other dog.

  5. Avatar Of Ashley Roe

    Ashley Roe


    My Dog alerted us one night about something outside, we had gotten a new truck at the time, but hadn’t put it in the garage due to the clutter. My Dad felt like Jasper was trying to tell us something, so he stayed up and watched the truck and house. We heard later that burglars were breaking into cars and houses that night in our neighborhood! I don’t know what we would do without our sweet boy Jasper <3

  6. Avatar Of Christine Rosselli

    Christine Rosselli


    I was told by my husband that if my previous dog Max ever stepped between me and the door not to answer. He never did so until one day he did. I was really surprised when he did, but I did not answer the door. I do believe dogs have a 6th sense that we need to listen to…

  7. Avatar Of Mikki



    My Dobe whined and barked then went down the stairs to the basement which she never would do before. I finally grabbed my daughter and followed her. two minuets later a tornado touched down two blocks away. I lived in Aurora Colorado at the time very few Tornados ever.

  8. Avatar Of Amanda



    My daughter and I went to my sister’s house one night and her Shepard mix would not let my daughter get off the couch finally we left thinking how weird well the next morning we went shopping and my daughter had a seizure from her temp spiking…Montana sensed something wasn’t right and from then on we listened to my sister’s dog

  9. Avatar Of Julie



    My beloved black Lab, Gracie, who sadly passed away last year, learned my asthma triggers and would prevent me from going outside when it was too cold, there was a smell in the air that would trigger an attack, etc. She could also sense an asthma attack before it started. I learned how to use my rescue medications when she told me to because she was right 100% of the time, and some of those times, I likely wouldn’t have made it to where my rescue medications were if it weren’t for her alerting me to a problem before it became a life and death situation.

  10. Avatar Of Susan Rozanski

    Susan Rozanski


    My 2 Labs knew my late husband had cancer months before he was diagnosed. My chocolate Lab Bailey passed away from cancer and it was my blond Max that kept nudging her and me for days before I ran my hands all over her,I felt nothing but I saw a bad tooth. Not until Vet x-rayed her head did he discover cancer had eaten through bones on the right side of her head. Lately Max has been a pest to me so I started taking my BP several times a day. I’m on medication now. Dogs smell changes in our bodies. We need to pay attention to their behavior.

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