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Dogs Jumps Into A Stranger’s Car And ‘Wouldn’t Get Out’ So The Police Had To Help

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Three German Shepherd dogs got into a stranger’s car and just wouldn’t get out so the police had to be called for help.

On February 20, St. Petersburg Police Department posted on Facebook saying, “All it took was an open car door for these 3 adorable German shepherds to jump into a stranger’s car on Kingston Street South today.”

Kendra Clark then left a comment under the police department’s post revealing that it was her car that the three naughty pooches took hostage.

“OMG this will forever be my nightmare,” Clark wrote in a separate Facebook post.

The mom went on Facebook Live recording the whole encounter with the dogs. She reveals that she left her car door open while dropping her daughter off at day care. And that was when the three dogs invited themselves inside the car.

Talking to WTSP, Clark said, “As soon as I said, ‘Don’t get in my car,’ they jumped in there.” 

Clark also reveals that before calling the police, the staff at her daughter’s day care tried to lure the dogs out with food, but they just didn’t move.

The police department reveals that the driver wasn’t too pleased with the dogs, which was completely understandable.

“So our officers stepped in, coaxed the dogs out of the vehicle, and gave them a lift to Pinellas Animal Urgent Care until the owner was located and took them home,” the police department reveals.

In a separate Facebook Live, Clark said she couldn’t believe that the dogs jumped into her car and held her car “hostage”.

After the incident, Clark also said that she makes sure all her doors are closed now all the way.

“My kids got out I said, ‘uh uh y’all go make sure them doors closed’ My daughter said, ‘it is closed’ I said, ‘no go check again, [we might] wake up in the morning and might find something in there like a dog’.”

A Facebook user reveal that this isn’t the first time these three naughty German Shepherds jumped into a random stranger’s car.

“They jumped in my son’s car a couple of years ago. He brought them home and we tracked down the owner. I babysat them till he came and picked them up. They are overly friendly dogs,” the user wrote.

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