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13 Dogs Dressed as Your Favorite Scary Characters for Halloween

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Spooky movies and Halloween go hand in hand (or rather, paw in paw!), so it’s no surprise that some of the coolest dog costumes this year paired our favorite pets with our favorite scary characters!

Horror movies would be a lot less scary with these furry-faced characters in the leading roles, right?

This guy, who promises to be “your friend ’til the end!”

This cutie—as long as you don’t feed him after midnight!

Edward Scissorpaws!

Tell me, do you like scary movies?

This sneaky fellow that insists you’ll float, too.

This pup whose prom queen dreams were short-lived!

This captivating character that may turn out to be one of the good guys after all…

This beauty that really just wants to play a game…

This dreamy doggo

This dynamic duo in outer space

This handsome guy that just wants you to say his name three times…

You are doomed… to a life of slobbery kisses!

And finally, the most terrifying character of all… his snuggles are downright infectious!

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