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Dogs Rescued from Living in Squalor

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Here is some animal cruelty news:  in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, there were 13 Dogs Rescued from Living in Squalor. What is squalor, you might ask? It’s what police call an unpleasant, unsafe, and unsanitary place for dogs and other pets to live in. Therefore, this definitely qualifies in the long list of dog abuse. To find out more, check out this article from News 8 WTNH and get information on these poor Dogs Rescued from Living in Squalor.

Old Saybrook, Conn. (WTNH) – Police in Old Saybrook are investigating a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Officers were shocked to find out a man and 13 of his dogs were living inside a foreclosed home at 38 Ford Drive.

The 11 puppies and their mother and father lived in what police call squalor, unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

“This is the largest seizure of animals in the Department’s history” said Michael Spera, Chief of Police.

“There was fecal matter on the floor, urine on the floor, very little furniture, trash, garbage definitely not a place for anyone or animals to be,” said Lt. Kevin Roche. “They’re in 100 percent better shape now.”

Police say it was almost as if the dogs’ owner, Herbert Smith was crying for help, even if it meant being arrested.

Animal Control’s original intent Thursday morning was to check on the three month old puppies because Smith was trying to get them adopted. He had already gotten one litter adopted, but police were shocked to see another litter of 9 puppies had been born just days before.

“How did he respond when animal control got to the home?  Did he let them in?  Did he not think anything was strange,” Lt. Roche said. “He did let us in and signed all the dogs over to the town.”

Police say Smith rented the home before it was foreclosed on and they have no idea how long he’s been back.

Jimena Velez lives just steps away and says she never sees Smith and had no idea about the mess inside the home. She did notice a number of dogs in and out though.

“I asked him how much were the puppies and he told me he already sold all the puppies,” she said.

Police say it’s as blessing that animal control rescued these dogs.  They don’t appear to be hurt, just cold and hungry.

“I think things got ahead of him and he didn’t know how to handle the new litter,” Lt. Roche said.

Smith faces 14 charges of animal cruelty. He was held on a $25,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on January 20. There may be more charges because this home was foreclosed.

Officials say once the dogs receive medical treatment they will be put up for adoption.

Now imagine if humans, especially children, end up in a similar environment. How would their parents feel about it? Moreover, how will they survive without proper care and nourishment? Certainly, no human being would want to end up in such living conditions. Remember, dogs are living beings like us, and animal cruelty is just as serious as being inhumane towards people. Let’s hope no one forgets the example of these Dogs Rescued from Living in Squalor.

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1 Comment

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