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A Dog’s Summer Reading

A Dog's Summer Reading

Every summer, I pick out a few books to read and I wanted to report back to you.

First of all, I didn’t like the best selling 50 Shades of Kibble. Reading about some rich dog that liked to beat other dogs? It gave me the willies reading it. I know it’s not classy but if Mr. Kibble tried that on me, I’d take a bite out of him.

The requirements I have for my summer reading are:

It has to be about dogs. Reading about humans just doesn’t turn me on.

Second, it has to give me a good feeling.

Third, it HAS to recognize the truth that 4 legged friends are more loyal and smarter than their 2 legged ones.

So I’m not an easy customer to please.

I just ordered a new book called Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw: How One Woman Finds Faith and Hope Through the Healing Love of Animals

So far it looks really good. My dog parent really needs to trim my nails because they scratch the screen on my Kindle.

I’m really happy my dog parent bought me a Kindle but it’s more fun chewing on books.

It’s about learning from animals and I’m all about that.

I’ll be reading it this weekend.

You can pick it up at Amazon and support the Dogington Post by Clicking The Link Here:

I think I’m going to start a petition to have Amazon come out with Bacon flavored books.

What’s YOUR dogs favorite summer reading? Type in your answers below so I can read them too!




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