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What Dogs Were the Movie and TV Stars in 2011?

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If you’re wondering What Dogs Were the Movie and TV Stars in 2011, look no further. An article in the online version of the Portland Press Herald gives a rundown of the movies and the breeds that stood out in 2011, along with some other types of pets. The most frequent breeds this past year were Terriers: 2 Jack Russells, and one Fox — even though the latter was just an animated version instead of the real thing. Here’s some of the story about What Dogs Were the Movie and TV Stars in 2011:

“…But as is often the case, most of this year’s cinematic scene-stealers are dogs.

In the critics’ favorite “The Artist,” the life-saving companion of a down-and-out silent-movie star is a Jack Russell terrier. Another Jack Russell is prominent in the art-house hit “Beginners.”

In the new ‘toon “The Adventures of Tintin,” a fox terrier called Snowy plays the Dr. Watson to a journalistic Sherlock.

In Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo,” a menacing Doberman hunts for orphans in a Paris train station.

And in the comedy “Young Adult,” the only warm-blooded creature who can tolerate tipsy novelist Charlize Theron is the Pomeranian she keeps in her purse.

The dog named Hummer that plays that role was discovered by director Jason Reitman while it was walking with its owner down a New York street. As Reitman told The New York Times, the dog was perfect for the part because Pomeranians have a permanent smile, implying positive regard for the Theron character.

Dogs have long been movie mainstays because they have expressive faces and are more easily trainable than, say, cats.

Terry, the Cairn terrier who played Toto in “The Wizard of Oz,” was paid more than the Munchkins and appeared in 12 other movies. Uggie, the 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier in “The Artist,” was also featured in the recent movie “Water for Elephants.” Cosmo, the Jack Russell in “Beginners,” was trained by Mathilde de Cagney, who also trained the dog Eddie in the TV series “Frasier.”

Trainers are the unsung heroes of such productions. More than 30 of them worked on “We Bought a Zoo.”

A really interesting bit of trivia to me was the fact that Terry (yet another Terrier), who played Toto in “The Wizard of Oz”, was paid more than the Munchkins! Guess he was “the” canine star of his day — he was in at least 12 other movies also.

You’ve probably noticed that pets, especially dogs, tend to steal the scenes whenever they’re on camera. I guess that’s why a lot of actors don’t like working with animals. I mean, how can you possibly out-act that adorable dog in the scene?

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