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Uggie the Dog Steals the Show at The Golden Globes

When yesterday’s 69th Annual Golden Globes awarded the cast of The Artist with 3 awards including Best Picture (musical or comedy), Best Actor in a comedy, and Best Original Score, audiences were the audience was treated to a paws-atively adorable entrance from Uggie the Dog. In addition to The Artist, the famous Jack Russell Terrier appeared in Hollywood hits Water For Elephants and Mr. Fix It.

This article from Jodi Jill of details the exciting night.

Uggie the Dog Steals the Show at The Golden Globes

Uggie the Dog was seen on the red carpet of the 69th Annual Golden Globes on Sunday night and once again on stage. While he wasn’t competing with Ricky Gervais, he definitely got plenty of attention when he (along with his cast of The Artist) won. Mind you this wasn’t a dog show, but an Hollywood star studded event and being the only canine at the show made it so dog-gone special.

Perhaps it was because he had four legs and a tail or just because it was different than the fashion everyone was looking at, the dog seemed to really capture the world. From the moment he hit the red carpet, the media was all looking to take that special shot. Then after winning, the dog once again was part of the picture with the paw sitting on top of the award, looking proud.

What the dog world will be saying Monday can’t be known. Canines might be barking and howling about the dog’s success and sharing in the joy of the awards. However was can be said is how such a cute and cuddly little dog can make everyone turn their heads at the Golden Globes and the dog didn’t even need to wear clothing!

Photo from LATimes red carpet arrivals slideshow.

Read more from here. Uggie got his lucky break when a dog trainer adopted the jack russell, saving him from a life in the pound! Did you happen to catch the Golden Globes? If so, tell us what you thought of Uggie the Dog in a comment below. And, tell us who your favorite movie dog of all time is.


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