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Dogsitter Caught on Tape Beating, Possibly Killing Dachshund

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When Jessie Anderson’s air conditioning stopped working, she was concerned about her dog’s safety inside their sweltering home while she went to work. So, she asked a friend and co-worker to care for Athena, a 16-month old, 12-pound Miniature Dachshund, until she could get the air conditioner repaired.

While Jessie and her friend went to work on Friday, her friend’s husband, 24-year old Stacy Glover, was at home, in charge of caring for the tiny dog. Later that afternoon, she received a text message that Athena had run away.

Both women went to the home to assist in the search. Hoping for an idea of where to search, they began watching the home surveillance recordings.

In the first scenes involving Athena, who Jessie adopted when she was just 8-weeks old, Glover can be seen roughly tossing the tiny dog out the back door, into the un-fenced yard, and going back inside.

Just watching that was enough to infuriate Jessie who stepped outside to search and call for her dog.

But, when she went back inside a few moments later, everyone was in tears and begged her not to watch the tape.

In the surveillance video, Glover can be seen throwing, punching, and kicking the dog. Athena ran from him, tried to hide under the patio furniture, but Glover continued chasing her. When he finally caught the tiny dog, he grabbed her by the throat and carried her, with one hand around her neck, back inside the home.

Minutes later, Glover is seen exiting the back door, holding Athena who appears to be limp and lifeless.

According to Fox 13 News, the sheriff’s office said the video shows Glover walking away from the house, heading toward a wooded, swampy area near the home with Athena in his hands. Detectives say it is unclear whether the dog was still alive at that point, so they asked a veterinarian to look at the video.

The veterinarian confirmed that the brutal force used on Athena very likely caused serious, if not fatal, injuries.

Though police have searched the area, Athena’s body has not been found. Glover, who is charged with four counts of felony animal abuse and one felony count of tampering with evidence, is not cooperating with police.

Glover is currently being held at the Sarasota County Jail on $50,000 bail.

“She was my baby girl. She was not an angry or feisty or a mean dog, by any means. She was the sweetest, gentle, loving tiny dog. She wasn’t just a dog to me, she was my child,” said Jessie Anderson, who was pleased to hear of the charges against Glover. “When I found out the charges, I was thanking God and thinking we’re one step closer to what [Athena] deserves, she deserves justice.”

The entire surveillance video footage can be found here. Please, be warned, it is very tough to watch and not appropriate for some viewers.

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  1. Avatar Of Andrew Mchugh

    Andrew Mchugh


    Omg what a sweet girl no animals deserved such awful treatment poor little one sorry for you Jessie leaving your little love with someone you trusted I hope the evil person gets all the punishment he deserves rest in peace sweet girl

  2. Avatar Of Adam



    This dirtball hillbilly mother fucker needs to be tortured like on law abiding citizen, so the world will know this is what will happen to you if you decide to hurt a human or an animal!

  3. Avatar Of Joe Blow

    Joe Blow


    I really wish the death penalty could be used in this situation, he serves no purpose on this earth. We can only hope he gets gang raped on a regular basis while he rots in prison.

  4. This is disgusting. I am so sorry for that poor woman and her sweet dog. People are often inconsiderate of the lives of humans and dogs. I have heard similar stories.

  5. Avatar Of Maria



    I have no words for this poor baby and what her owner has to live with….he should rot in hell for all eternity….any slob who can do this to a helpless animal has no regard for life….and is a coward….wait until he’s the punching bag for other inmates.

  6. Avatar Of Gary



    Oh Mother of God….I just wished this useless trash had run away and the police used about four K9 units to track him down and then forget the “loose” command. If he truly likes beating dogs, I have an idea to even the odds. We put him and a Caucasian Sheperd in a cage together (maybe they could be friends). We coat the bastard in bacon grease and make sure the dog hasn’t eaten in a week. If you haven’t seen one, look up the breed. They’re nice little dogs. And, to boot, this guy’s not cooperating with police and they haven’t found the body. Hey wait…another idea. We have people sign up for ten minutes with him for $10 and all proceeds go to Athena’s owners to get a new dachshund, a baseball bat and a gun.
    Okay everybody, I’ve got my $10, who’s behind me in line? And if there’s a Caucasian Shepherd owner somewhere close in Florida, please do find the guy and bring bacon grease. I’m sure someone around there will supply the cage.

  7. Avatar Of Jorge Munoz

    Jorge Munoz


    This man is clearly a sociopath. It has been well documented that many times individuals with a penchant for killing living things start off with small animals. In this case it was a defenseless dog. Jeffrey Dahmer did this during his adolescence by killing squirrels and other small animals. He of course ended up killing multiple human beings in horrific fashion. Something should be done about this particular man because he’s headed down the dame dark road. He deserves to be locked up for a very long time.

  8. I feel the same way as George C and Anna, they should let some of us have 10 min. in a room so we could beat him and chock him and beat the no good bastard, if he did not want the furbaby in the house he should have said no. I hate people like they think they are men when they can control the little furbabys. I hoope the bastard get a few years for what he did. To the mommy of the little furbaby I hope you will feel better soon.I know it must hurt really bad. Just losing a pet from sickness or oldage is very hard to deal with. soI will say a prayer for you and Athena. so very sorry for your loss.

  9. Avatar Of George Chase

    George Chase


    There is no punishment good enough for that bastard. If it was my dog, I doubt the police would have been needed, just the coroner. So sorry for that lady, hope she at least finds him.

  10. Avatar Of Anna Anna says:

    They should have someone beat the hell out of him and let him die a slow death just as that poor furbaby did … jail is not good enough !!!

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