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Drug-Sniffing Dog Nabbed Cocaine Trafficker

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When it comes to catching drug traffickers in action, even the sneakiest of hiding spots can’t stop our four-legged friends from sniffing out crime. Orlando International Airport’s drug-sniffing dog, Tebow, this month sniffed what turned out to be a kilogram of cocaine in a suitcase. In this article from Jeff Weiner of The Orlando Sentinel, we learn how Tebow, the drug-sniffing dog nabbed a cocaine trafficker at the Orlando International Airport.

Drug-Sniffing Dog Nabbed Cocaine Trafficker

A man faces a federal drug charge after he was caught smuggling cocaine from Puerto Rico to Central Florida through Orlando International Airport, according to a criminal complaint filed last week.

Agents of the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation said they approached 20-year-old Weslie Jadier Morales Castro on Dec. 8, after he was spotted acting suspicious at a baggage carousel.

Investigators said Castro was “behaving nervously,” and was checking the identification tag on every suitcase that passed, as though he didn’t know what the luggage he was seeking looked like.

After he grabbed a bag, agents confronted him. According to the complaint, Morales Castro quickly admitted that the suitcase, tagged for a man by the name of “Jose Garcia,” didn’t belong to him.

Air-Tran officials later told investigators that a Jose Garcia checked a bag for the Puerto Rico-to-Orlando flight, but never boarded. An MBI drug dog named “Tebow” later alerted on the suitcase.

Investigators said a kilogram of cocaine was later found inside a children’s toy in the bag. Morales Castro said he’d been paid to pick up the suitcase and deliver it to people at a nearby Wendy’s.

The full article can be read here. Because of the unique ability of dogs to sniff out specific scents, even when masked with perfumes or combined with other odors, they are exceptional at helping law enforcement to hunt down and catch drug traffickers, just as Tebow the drug-sniffing dog nabbed a cocaine trafficker. What’s your opinion of Tebow or the drug-sniffing dogs at your local airports?

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