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The Dry vs Wet vs Natural Dog Food Debate Part 2

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In this article (part 2 of 3) we will delve deeper into the dry vs. wet vs. natural dog food debate by learning how to select the best high quality and appropriate food for your particular dog.

Spend as much time as you need reading the ingredients labels on several different brands of dry dog foods, canned (wet) dog foods, and natural dog foods. Most places where we buy our dog food will be very limited in the selection of natural foods, so spend time online looking up this information. There is plenty of this information available to help you work through selecting the best food for your dog.

As you are reading these various labels keep in mind a few things. Is this food for a puppy? Does the puppy have any special food requirements beyond what is normal for puppies? Is the dog food for an older dog with medical conditions such as weak bones/joints, or arthritis? Is the food for a very active growing young dog, or a more sedate dog that is overweight? Depending on which of these applies to your dog, you will be able to narrow down your choices and more readily zero in on the best food for your dog. You can check with your vet for any special needs because of any health problems or breed of your dog.

If your dog is normally healthy, you can find the information you need on the Internet.

Once you have selected a brand that meets your dog’s needs, feed this to your dog for about 2 months and observe how the dog reacts to the food. Are they eager to eat it? Are they energetic with bright eyes, a shiny full coat of fur, and producing normal firm stools? If so, you have found a dog food the dog should thrive on. If he or she shows any signs the food is not agreeing with them it is time to try another brand or texture. By texture we mean switching to a dry food if what the dog rejects is wet or canned. Same reasoning applies for any of the organic or natural dog foods. Not all dogs are going to eat the same foods and happily go through life.

In the final article we will cover the dry vs. canned food issue as well as just what is natural or organic dog food. This might not seem important to many dog owners but try to look at it this way—would YOU want to eat the same food every day if you find the taste disgusting, it makes you feel miserable with no energy, and gives you the runs? Didn’t think so, and your dog is no different. So the dry vs. wet vs. natural dog food issue is vitally important to the overall health and well-being of your beloved dog.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Kristina



    There should be no debate, the fresher the food, the better for your pet as long as it is a balanced meal. Raw meat–70%-75%(balanced with bone and organ meat and and aprox 20% veggies is the best diet for most pets). The more organic, hormone free and antibiotice free the better. It is no different for our pets as it is for us. HIGH processed foods are not good for either one of us. The highest quality dry (highest processed food) is the worst food for out pets.

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