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EMTs Suspended After Providing Medical Care to Dog Injured in Auto Accident

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Two Emergency Medical Technicians responding to a deadly auto accident were suspended from duty after the pair provided emergency medical care to a dog injured in the crash.

EMTs Nick Farmer and Tyler Wessel were first on the scene of a crash in which a pickup truck driver made a left turn into the path of a semi-truck traveling east on Ohio 32 near Beaver, Ohio, about 100 miles east of Cincinnati, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol. Pickup driver James Smith, 68, of Beaver was killed on impact.

After treating the semi-truck driver and seeing him into a medical helicopter, Farmer and Wessel discovered a small dog trapped beneath the pedals in the pickup truck. Farmer, a dog owner himself, said the dog was seriously injured and struggling to breathe. He was able to free her from the vehicle and moved her into the ambulance where the pair fashioned a makeshift oxygen mask for her and put homemade splints on her broken legs.

“I engineered some splints from cardboard, and seeing it was a wiener dog, I just broke off the pieces and wrapped them around the dog’s wounded legs” Farmer explained to KHOU.

Farmer asked for permission to take the dog, which he described as a dachshund mix, to Shawnee Animal Clinic in Portsmouth, about 20 miles away in the next county, unaware that a veterinarian in Waverly, the county in which they worked, was about 15 miles away.

Although they got permission from the Pike County Emergency Medical Service chief to take the dog to Portsmouth, they received a call several minutes later from a secretary saying there was no protocol in place. But, they were not given instructions to stop the transport.

When Farmer and Wessel returned to the station, they were suspended by EMS Director, Kevin Jenkins.

Still the compassionate EMTs never doubted their decision to help the dog.

Emts Suspended After Providing Medical Care To Dog Injured In Auto Accident The Dogington Post

At a Monday meeting, Pike County Commissioners met with the EMS director Kevin Jenkins, who had called for an investigation into the men’s actions.

“I want animals taken care of, but the EMS, their object is to take care of the people in the county and not animals,” said commissioner Fred Foster.

Following private discussions, Farmer and Wessel were reinstated to work and will not face additional disciplinary action. House Bill 187 was enacted last August which grants EMTs permission to care for dogs and cats after all humans are taken care of. However, Farmer and Wessel were not permitted to leave the county as they did.

Following the events, Pike County Sheriff Charlie Reader said he will work with Jenkins, the president of the firefighters association, the dog warden and Pike Pet Pals to establish a procedure for future situations where animals — including police K9s — are injured or in need of treatment at an accident or crime scene.

Although Farmer and Wessel feared they might lose their jobs, both say they would do it again.

“We done it just because it was the right thing to do,” Farmer said. “We’re not trained to not do something.”

Sadly, Mabel, the dachshund Farmer and Wessel risked their jobs to help, did not survive her serious injuries which included a broken back. She was buried along with her owner who died in the crash.

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  1. Avatar Of Robin



    Another clear case of the 'stupid' who usually can't function in a demanding job getting promoted. Odds are that Mr Jenkins, the EMT Director, is functionally inept as an EMT, was promoted to get him away from direct care activities. As a nurse for over 40 years, I've seen the same thing happen in nursing. Incompetent nurse? That means we'll promote you to Head Nurse (because we don't want you to touch a patient – we might get sued!). Mr Jenkins' lack of common sense in this issue clearly shows his continued incompetence!

  2. Avatar Of Ann Diamond

    Ann Diamond


    When did humans stop being humane? Protocol or not, the EMTs did what was the right thing to to. We need more people like them and less people like Mr. Jenkins.

  3. Avatar Of Pam



    Thank you, we need more like you two, glad your boss wasn't there, seeing how he would of not cared for the injured Shame on him…

  4. Avatar Of Eileen Benak

    Eileen Benak


    Thanks for doing what was right…shame on the director for suspending you..I applaud you both..

  5. Avatar Of Vickie Carmody

    Vickie Carmody


    Kudos to these two EMT'S who proved they have what it takes to be in the field of EMS. There have caring, generous hearts that will help any one (human or animal) that needs help. So glad they did not face any discipline for being caring EMT'S.

  6. Avatar Of Kathleen



    There is nothing more disgraceful in a human than one who would walk away from and living creature who is in distress …What happened here comes out of kindness and genuine compassion. ..no one should be dismissed from their position for having these fine qualities. …most of society I am sure support you for doing what you did!

  7. Avatar Of Cindy Miller

    Cindy miller


    Thank you for caring about all species. Not just humans.

  8. Avatar Of Cheryl Robel Cheryl Robel says:

    You did the right thing! Thank you for helping the dog too. You are Wonderful and caring and a perfect example of what EMTs should be.
    Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare

  9. Avatar Of Cherie Preston

    cherie preston


    I applaud you for helping the injured dog after you did what you are supposed to do and that is take care of the injured humans. they are breathing animals that are very important to the human you just helped.. Bravo and thank you for what you did…

  10. Avatar Of Beth



    Bravo to these two EMTs! Thank you for your service and kindness-how lucky their department is to have two individuals who are so compassionate and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. Shame, shame, shame on that department for punishing them for not only doing their job according to protocol, but for taking a chance on an injured dog knowing that they may face repercussions. And Mr. Commissioner? You need to rethink your protocol and how you treat such dedicated employees.

  11. Avatar Of Timbalionguy



    Kudos to EMTs Farmer and Wessel. Shame on EMS director Jenkins. You were the perfect example of an uncaring Government bureaucrat!

    • Avatar Of Nancy Raymond

      Nancy Raymond


      I agree 100% – These gentlemen Mr. Farmer & Mr. Wessel DID THE RIGHT THING – They are there to save lives, be it human or animal. They are HEROES! Director Jenkins needs to find a new job – his lack of compassion for a defenseless injured dog is deplorable.

  12. Avatar Of Lisa



    Thank you for doing the right think. Shame on your boss and the commissioner. How heartless can people be? Thank you again for all your service. You both should be rewarded.

  13. Avatar Of Cathy Wall CATHY WALL says:

    I think these guys are true heroes, the people were taken care of FIRST and then the fur baby…..These are the kind of people the I appreciate for doing a wonderful job….If my fur baby was injured with me in a wreck, I sure hope someone would help and not say…..well it is just a dog…..IT IS NOT JUST A DOG…..THIS IS MY FAMILY…..THANKS AGAIN FELLOWS.

  14. Avatar Of Diane



    Nick and Tyler . Words can not describe how wonderful you are. Thank you for going above and beyond. What this world needs is more people like you to think out of the box and do the right thing. Your moms must be so proud. I'm sorry your department was not so kind to you all. You deserve so much more. Rest In Peace seeet dachshund with your master .

  15. Avatar Of Bobbialyce



    Wow..GREAT job Guys! AS for who made the decision to do that to you,,SHAME ON THEM!!,,You can bet,,the Man loved his dog..and hopefully his Family will be greatful too! God Bless you Both!!

  16. Avatar Of Gail



    Thanks to both of you! No doubt in my mind you did the right thing. Your compassion for 2 AND 4 legged animals shows!!

  17. Avatar Of Vicki L. Piebenga

    Vicki L. Piebenga


    EMTs Farmer and Wessel, you showed that you truly have a heart to help all others; even those in animal form. It was the right thing to do. May God Bless you for being strong and true to your compassionate hearts! Thank you for helping the injured dog.

  18. Avatar Of Kris



    Thank you both for trying to save the dog's life. It's too bad he died but he is with his human in Heaven now. I'm glad you did the right thing and would do it again.

    • Avatar Of Goc



      Thank you, HEROES, for helping the little dog. Mr. Jenkins could have initiated a protocol without putting you both on the carpet. Never ever doubt that you did the right thing and performed your duties with professionalism and compassion.

  19. Avatar Of Vicki



    Great job Nick and Tyler! If more people were like you then the world would be a better place. Don't let anyone take away your compassionate hearts.

  20. They should be commended for helping the people and then the dogs!!! "Thank-you" to the men that helped both!

  21. These men were heroes. We are a country filled with animal lovers. The 2 men in charge, who were going to fire the EMTs, should be fired.

  22. Avatar Of Sylvie Mcgee

    Sylvie McGee


    Thank you, EMTs Farmer and Wessel, for showing compassion to the injured dog. Kudos to you for doing the right thing – and the thing that for sure, that dog's owner would have prayed you would do!

  23. Avatar Of Michelle



    It is a denial of justice not to stretch out a helping hand to the fallen; that is the common right of humanity – Seneca

  24. Avatar Of Lynda



    EMT's are there to save lives, the best way they can. Human comes first, no argument there, but then fur should be given a fair chance. No person suffered….and 2 humans made humanity a bit prouder. Thank you for your service. Bless you both.

  25. If your job includes saving people anything with a heart then you should save it and not be fired for savings something that has a heart and needed help desperately

  26. Avatar Of Barbara Baxendale

    Barbara Baxendale


    This is bureaucracy gone mad, a life is a life weather it be man or dog. Well done Farmer & Wessel for caring !!

  27. Avatar Of Deb Speelman

    Deb Speelman


    So.were they supposed to just leave the dog to die??? what kind of organization suspends heroes for doing the right thing???

  28. Avatar Of Barbara Johnson

    Barbara Johnson



  29. Avatar Of Nancy



    Kudos to the EMT's. You did the right thing. I travel with cats and have always worried about them should an accident occur. I hope it never happens but if it does I want someone like these guys to respond.

  30. Avatar Of Karen Clark

    Karen Clark


    I think they are wonderful for helping the dog and the world needs more people like them ! I personally thank you both

  31. Avatar Of Candice



    These guys rock and thank you for fighting for those that can't speak

  32. Avatar Of Bernadette Grosse

    Bernadette Grosse


    Bless them. Two compassionate guys. Compassion for all living things, animal and human alike .

  33. Avatar Of Della Williamson

    Della Williamson


    It is sad that they were not informed of a vet closer. Sadder yet that they were not told to turn back and then were threatened with losing their jobs. Since their chief gave them permission, and the secretary said there was no protocol to take them across the county line. The chief and the secretary should share some in the "reprimand".
    Those men did what they were trained to do. To save a life if possible. They are the heroes in this story. It is great that an effort is being made to put in rules to make sure no one else is penalized for doing the right thing. Animals are far more loyal and compassionate than most people. They are a life from. And deserve can and respect as well

  34. Avatar Of Heather Dostie

    Heather Dostie


    Good for them! Shame on their boss/company! Providing holistic and compassionate care of humans, includes caring for ALL family members involved. Humans must be taken care of first, but when no more humans need services….furry family members should be taken care of!

  35. I would like to thank you for helping the dog. They are also family.

  36. Avatar Of Gail Warner Gail Warner says:

    I have been in the EMS for 24 years and we have supplies for animals in need. They even supplied us with oxygen masks in different sizes for cats and dogs. It would be a sin not to help someone or something in need.

  37. Avatar Of Joyce Turner

    Joyce turner


    How heartless those men should be honored great job guys sorry the poor dog did not make it

  38. Avatar Of Colleen Hardesty

    Colleen Hardesty


    They did the right thing! I disagree with the leaving the county part, though! Are they supposed to drop dog off on county line??? Glad all is well!!!

  39. Avatar Of Nancy



    The EMS unit was ALREADY AT the accident scene and attended to the humans injured/killed on the scene. They THEN discovered the owner's injured dog, and rescued her as well. You government people are a real piece of work. The suspension was TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR and UNNECESSARY. You are surely cray-cray.

  40. Avatar Of C. Ruff

    C. Ruff


    Give me a break – all humans were taken care of first and this little dog needed help right away. These guys should be commended for going above and beyond the call of duty. Its sad that master and dog both didn't make it but at least the EMT's can sleep at night knowing they did the right thing.

  41. Avatar Of Alice Schaefer

    Alice Schaefer


    The animal the EMT's worked on to save was not "just an animal" he was/is a family member! Those EMT's did the right thing and should be commended for their actions and quick thinking NOT disciplined! What is wrong with the people there?? The EMT's did not let a human being suffer or die due to lack of proper care! Why in the name of all that is good would anyone expect them or anyone else to let the dog suffer and possibly die! Pull your HEARTS out of your BUTTS and learn to care & love ALL of Gods creatures!

  42. Avatar Of Ruby Wilson

    Ruby Wilson


    Thank guys for caring enough to help this pup! I am a nurse & I would not have thought twice if it was me! I applaud you both for going above and beyond!

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