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Extreme Jumpy: Watch This Talented Pup Perform 20 Tricks in 1 Minute!

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Jumpy, shown here surfing, is one of the most amazingly talented dogs we’ve ever seen!

His name is Jumpy, and he’s one of the most talented dogs we’ve ever seen!

Trained by his owner, Miami dog trainer Omar Muller, this two year old, tri-color Border Collie mix is a natural performer! Jumpy’s specialties are extreme high jumps, dancing, acting, dock diving, frisbee, skateboarding and more! In fact, in just 60-seconds, watch him perform 20 different tricks in the video below! This 40-pound boy is simply amazing!

Jumpy has appeared in many commercials including ads during the Superbowl, and for companies such as Suzuki, American Greetings and many more.

If Jumpy doesn’t give you a reason not to skip past those commercials, nothing will!

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  1. Avatar Of Megan



    This dog is awesome!

  2. Avatar Of Kelly



    Jumpy is a most amazing dog. The time this trainer has spent with him is remarkable and shows us what dogs are really capable of doing. Such a joy to watch.

    People that can kill and eat dogs are sick. How can they do that? Don’t they have other sources of food that they have to resort to that? These types of monsters should be put in cages and left there.

  3. Avatar Of Susan Repp

    susan repp


    This dog is simply amazing and adorable! In Asia they continue to eat dog meat and commit the most barbaric torture to them — I wish they could see what dogs can do and what they are 🙂 Sue (tradeofshame)

  4. Avatar Of Anna Anna says:

    Standing Ovation!

  5. Avatar Of Diane Diane says:

    Amazing,talented dog,unbelievable !!

  6. Avatar Of Christy



    Incredible dog.

  7. Avatar Of Donna Michalski

    Donna Michalski


    Amazing dog!

  8. Avatar Of Nina Coleman

    Nina Coleman


    cool dog.

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